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Game Art Design Services

Game art is the visual component that maintains a significant impact on a game’s success. It is based on the visible artwork in a game’s preview, the audience decides whether to go for the gameplay or let it pass. Game art is therefore one of the most important—if not the most important—aspects of a game.

However, it might be difficult to strike a balance between game development and game art creation, which is why outsourcing it to game design experts is a wise move.

Queppelin’s game art services ensure that your creative component gets its due attention. With a team of passionate game artists, we understand its pivotal role and deliver top-class game art design services. We strive to stir up the gaming community right from the game preview and make them want more.

We offer full-cycle game art production for games, simulations, and trailers.

The growing Gaming Industry

3.24 B

There are 3.24 billion gamers across the globe with Asia as the largest market.

214 M

More than 214 million American play video games. With 51.1 million children, while 163.3 million adults.

9.5 Hours

Europe’s average gamers spend 9.5 hours a week playing video games.

2D Art Design Services

Queppelin is a 2D art company with a stellar reputation for hiring talented 2D game artists with extensive experience in the field. For projects of any scale, we offer 2D game art outsourcing services and provide high-quality artwork to a global customer base. Businesses get visually appealing concept art with rich color patterns and breathtaking designs for an enriched gaming experience.

  • Concept Art
  • 2D Environment Design
  • 2D Characters
  • 2D Assets & Props
  • Storyboarding
  • Illustration
2d game art
game art outsourcing services

3D Art Design Services

A perfect blend of technical skills with the right emotional appeal makes visuals more lively and convincing. We offer our sculpting, modeling, texturing, designing, lighting, and rendering services to create stylized characters, environments, and assets. If you want to watch your imagination and idea materializing on the screen, our expert 3D artists are the right choice.

  • 3D Characters
  • 3D Environment
  • 3D Models
  • 3D Animation
  • 3D Concepts

AAA Game Art Services

70% of our artists are experts with 6+ years of experience in the AAA game industry, they have participated in projects of varying complexity.

Rendering AAA-class services requires much more than just possessing the relevant skills. It requires years of experience and a firm resolve to offer the best, Queppelin possesses both. With our AAA game art services, we bring the top-most quality services with vibrant graphics and spell bounding visuals.

  • Concept Art
  • Environment Design
  • Scene Desing & Development
  • Character Design
  • Props Design
game art design services
game design


We use the latest animation tools and techniques to infuse life-like expressions, gestures, and body language into characters. For non-living objects, we ensure that they follow the physics so that every object moves according to the principles of animation.

  • Storyboard
  • Texturing
  • Art Direction
  • Texturing & rigging
  • Compositing & Special Effects
  • Music, Foley & Editing

UI/UX Design Services

UI/UX makes an important part of the overall game experience. Our UI/UX design services flawlessly reflect the theme of the game, its mood, and style, as well as the storyline.

  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • UI/UX Consulting
  • Wireframes, Prototypes & Modeling
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Outsourcing Game Design Services for Business Advantage

Outsourcing game design services possess huge advantages for businesses. Not only do they get access to knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced game designers for top-notch results, the project is completed within the specified time and resources.


The first and foremost benefit of outsourcing your game design projects is access to domain expertise. Game design & development companies like Queppelin ensure high-quality gaming content through an expert team maintaining working experience with industry leaders on their disruptive projects.

Hence, they can handle projects of any genre and scale, sort out project concerns and plug the gap in your existing projects using their skills.

Outsourcing game design gets you the highest quality outcomes with way lesser resources compared to an in-house team.

No need to hire full-time in-house game artists, and then spend on training, vacations, hardware and software provision, and other necessities. Queppelin takes complete care and ownership of the team and the human resource management responsibilities.

Outsourcing allows you to scale your resources as per the need and stage of the projects. With the agile project management methodology at Queppelin, you get regular updates on the project.

Accordingly, you decide whether to upscale or downscale the resources. Hence, outsourcing your game design tasks gets you the best results with your limited financial and temporal means.

You can set a fixed timeframe for your projects by partnering with Queppelin, an outsourcing company. Domain expertise brings precision and minimizes errors and delays.

This also lets you focus on more important areas of your business. You can even take up more projects for more financial gains and scale your portfolio by outsourcing.

Queppelin - A one-stop-shop for all Game Art Design needs

  • Leading Game Art outsourcing company with 100+ game artists.
  • Complete Game Art solutions from concept art to final scene rendering.
  • Experts in all genres of games for all platforms like mobile, PC, Console, AR, and VR.
  • 70% game artists with 6+ years of experience.
  • Working experience with Fortune 500 Companies as well as budding Startups.
  • Time-bound delivery with High-quality visuals.
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Our Game Design & Development Process


Game Design Document

The pre-production phase is to finalize the document with all the necessary details in the Game Design Document (GDD).


Concept Art

A Concept Artist brings ideas to life. They illustrate the concept on the art software tools to lay the foundation of the final game visuals. Our Concept Artists understand your idea and depict them with color rendering to tap gamers' imagination.


3D Modelers

3D modelers design and develops three-dimensional models based on concept art sketches. Our 3D modelers bring creativity and technicality to a viable solution. Here, they optimize the polycount and fine-tune the character anatomy and mesh flow for a smooth gaming experience.



The game assets are animated in this step. They depict the apparent as well as subtle movements and interactions by character and object to make 2D/3D animation life-like and convincing. Our Animators offer 3D animation, 2D animation, 2D frame, and other services on industry-leading tools like Maya, Blenders, etc.


Lighting Artists

Lighting holds a vital role in making 3D Art realistic. Our expert lighting artists use different lighting technology such as atmospheric lighting, and global illumination to render photorealistic outcomes and improve the gaming experience exponentially.


Effects Artists

Our effects artists offer gameplay and Environment effect for an impactful gaming experience. While gameplay effects, enhance the action involved in the game, the environmental effects enhance the overall visual gaming experience.


Game Launch

We help clients create marketing game art for targeted platform(s) under our comprehensive game design services.

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Yes, Game Art outsourcing is one of the most prevalent practices in the industry. This helps the gaming company to solely focus on the developmental and technical aspects like core game logic and game storyline while leaving the creative part to the experts. This helps the companies in getting the best of both worlds, they save on time, cost, and other resources.

Game design outsourcing is delegating a part of the game design process to an external game studio. An increasing number of gaming companies are resorting to outsourcing solutions thanks to the ever-increasing competition and constraints on financial resources. Moreover, most of the time, gaming companies opt for game art outsourcing services. It brings a lot of advantages like expert artists, justifiable cost, time and talent savings, easy monitoring, etc.

Game development companies outsource to game art service companies to get high-quality visuals while saving cost and time.

The gaming industry is booming and so are the job prospect. With the push from the metaverse, the demand for good game artists will only rise.

Choose Qeppelin For Ideas, Implementation, And Impact

Queppelin is an eminent name in the game development domain. We develop games that resonate with the gaming community and hit the success mark right off the bat. We serve through our comprehensive package of services including, planning, concept designing, testing, publishing, and support. Our creative approach to each project leads to impactful idea execution that meets gamers’ expectations.