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Ipas Development Foundation (IDF) is a ‘Not for Profit’ organization and dedicated to preventing and managing unwanted pregnancies, and ending deaths and disabilities from unsafe abortion. Through local, national, and global partnerships,

They work to ensure that women can obtain safe, respectful, and comprehensive abortion and contraceptive care to prevent future unintended pregnancies.


The client wanted to provide reliable information about sexual and reproductive health to women in rural areas who do not access to information. The solution should be in Hindi language and equipped to provide information to and address queries from young women in rural communities of Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh on topics of sexual and reproductive health and updates on protection from COVID-19.


Since Ipas was looking to connect with the rural demographic, whatsapp was decided as the best two way communication combined with a backend chatbot with conversational level input/output.

Link to the Chatbot

A fully functional conversational AI chatbot was set up by Queppelin.

Our aim was to provide information, addressing queries from young women in rural communities of Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh on topics of sexual and reproductive health and updates on protection from COVID-19.

We started off with setting up WhatsApp API for IDF and making the bot flow along with training the bot with the questions provided by IDF. The bot is trained to understand questions in Hindi (devanagari), English and Roman Hindi, whereas it provides answers in devanagari Hindi.

IDF distributed the chatbot link to these women with the help of youth leaders associated with them so the bot reaches as many women as possible who are looking out for help or at least to make them aware about Disha Didi.

The link directly opens in WhatsApp and has a pre-written Hi message which the user can directly send. 

Once the user does that, they will receive messages and a static menu along with an option to type in their own question. The user can go on asking questions from the static menu or type questions and they’ll be answered by the bot. 

We also have an option of transferring the chat to a counsellor if the bot fails to answer some question. In this case the counsellor can pick the chat and revert back to the user, using the dashboard.

The user gets an option of whether or not they want the counsellor to get back to them.
At the end of every conversation we take feedback from the user to make the user
experience better.


Disha Didi is a conversational chatbot and has improved and opened many barriers for IDF to spread information about SRH in rural areas and open a source of help for the women to ask questions which they couldn’t ask someone on a personal level but can ask an AI bot without hesitating about such topics.

It has also helped IDF to improve their online presence, since they are one of the very few NGO’s who have taken a step using Artificial Intelligence in order to offer help to their users!

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