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Benefits of 3D Animation Services

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Engage Viewers

One of the many benefits of 3D movies is that it provides realistic effects to the movie and humorous features in various scenes make it more appealing to viewers.


Time is money

You can use 3D models and 3D animation software developed for a particular project for the future. It will help to reduce the expense of production.


Good quality

3D movies, 3D videos provide a high-quality experience and offer more gameplay compared to 2D movies and 2D videos.


High in demand

The impeccable 3D movie content is more preferred than 2D content in the viewer’s market.


Visual appeal

3D animation content is much more appealing and realistic. Viewers enjoy 3D movies, 3D videos, and 3D animation services more because of the impeccable quality of the content they see and hear.


Creates Branding

3D Animation is one of the most effective tactics for promotion. 3D movies or 3D videos disseminate the message faster than any other method. Using advanced technology for creating an exceptionally well 3D movie with a great storyline and high definition quality can build goodwill that will last for years.


Motion communication

3D animation has a more remarkable and superior ability to portray the message to the viewers. A well-made 3D animation video or a short 3D movie tends to have a more lasting effect on the viewers’ minds and will mark a high standard image for such a brand. 3D content creates uniqueness and amplifies the goodwill of the brand.

3D Animation & Video Production Services

3D Animation has a more remarkable and superior ability to portray the message to the viewers. A well-made 3D Animation Video or a Short 3D Movie tends to have a more lasting effect on the viewers’ minds and will mark a high standard image for such a brand. 3D content creates uniqueness and amplifies the goodwill of the brand.

Realistic Animation Services for every need

Looking for Professional 3D Animation Services?

The advancement in the field of 3D animation is set to take over the motion graphics, motion capture market, and video production sector, pushing 2D animation out of the scene. In traditional 2D animation, the pictures are hand-drawn. With each image only subtly different from the previous one, it becomes incredibly difficult to continue with 2D animation. On the contrary, 3D animation is to be done all with the help of a computer.

Similarly, motion graphic designers use the 3D transformation process to modify and re-position graphics. 3D transformation tools are used to make unique and useful videos for educational purposes. On the other hand, video production companies are eagerly moving towards infusing their brands with 3D animation converting their video production into 3D simulation videos.

Fusion 360

Fusion 360 is a go-to app for professional works for developing any solid 3D object. Fusion 360 is paid software, but it’s Windows version and MAC version are free for its users. The app has the features of 3D modeling techniques, sculpting, parametric modeling and more


Houdini is an amazing 3D animation app for realistic visual effects. It is one of the most used apps in the media industry for advertising or promotion, and more. The software is only for educational or improving your animation skills purpose only.


Maxon is a 3D simulation software that works for 3D modeling, motion graphics, rendering, and more. This tool assists the users to build 3D graphics as well as 3D animation. It has various vital features as it helps to make realistic as well as abstract models. It has customizable models for high-quality 3D animation.


Mari is a go-to software platform for adding unique HD textures and colors to your 3D animation scene. It is a painting tool that has a Python API for automating work. Users can import and alter the set of textures into a Mari material. It supports UDIM workflows for highly responsible services to its users.

After Effects

Adobe after effects is one of the essential software for any motion graphics designer. This tool helps the graphic designer to improve its skills as a beginner to a pro-level.

After Effects is a tool with a 2.5 D animation software platform that can develop any motion graphics as the artist wants except 3D modeling. It can stimulate and compose every motion graphic work together as a whole.

Our 3D Animation Skill Set

There are numerous software’s that are used by Queppelin Team for developing 3D models,  or 3D transformation, and motion graphics to provide uncompromised quality and services.

Our Approach to 3D Modeling/Animation Work

Queppelin works on specific fundamental mechanisms that have been imbibed over a couple of years in all our services. This holds for our 3D modeling service too. One of our primary benefits is to develop client-centric products. Our 3D modeling team follows the following mechanism while providing our 3D animation products/services/solutions for you.

Step 1

3d animation process step 1

Requirement Gathering & Storyboarding/Moodboard (Analysis)

The idea finalization, analysis, and approval form the backbone of transmitting an idea through the animation process. 

The idea shared in text or verbal format has to be first understood and conceptualized.

The pen-paper or tool-based storyboarding ensures the idea intended by the client and interpreted by the service provider (Queppelin) are in sync.

Step 2

3d animation process - animatic


The goal of an animatic is to define the timing for a piece of moving image. When used with a soundtrack, they’re a quick and easy way to get a sense of a finished piece of moving image. Animatics are created by playing a series of images in order and changing the timing of each frame. Timing changes are used to create a sense of pace.

Originally, animatics were created by filming drawings with a camera, then editing the film to various scenes. Today you can create an animatic in Photoshop, After Effects, or specialist animatic software.

Step 3

3d animation process step 2

2D Model & Assets Designs (Illustration)

The next step is creating the characters, outlining the backgrounds, and preparing other visual elements of the animation.

It starts from simple sketches and develops into detailed designs and images.

Then, it’s time to decide the color palettes of the animation, including the colors of various objects and lighting.

Another important part of any animation is the backgrounds where different actions come to life and the characters perform their activities.

Step 4

3d animation process step 3

3D Modelling

This stage defines how each of the characters will look like and how the background environment will support the story.

It’s the actuals that meet the eye at this stage. Eventually, assets are a combination of character designs and the corresponding environment.

The idea of creating the characters based on the storyboard above takes place in a jiffy if the assets are first created in 2D (illustrator) and approval is sought for the look & feel.

Step 5

3d animation process step 4


The step involves creating a skeletal structure (for animation movement), introducing points for movement (joints) to enable the mobility of a character.

Achieving smooth and complex animations is entirely dependent on the quality of the rigging phase in the animation pipeline.

Step 6

Voice Over & Music

A parallel procedure to record voices (with specialized artists in various languages) takes place as per the script finalization.

Also, some licensed and royalty-free music tracks can be arranged from various sources online.

Step 7

3d animation process step 6

Animation (Unrendered)

The idea finalization, analysis, and approval form the backbone of transmitting an idea through the animation process.

The idea shared in text or verbal format has to be first understood and conceptualized.

Step 8

Rendering (External/Internal)

Rendering enables frame by frame generation of a final assembled animation.

This step is time-consuming and books a bunch of resources, therefore generally outsourced to external render farms.

Specialized Render farms are available with a high number of server nodes for faster and high-quality output.

Step 9

3d animation process step 8

Lighting, Touchup & Sound Integration

This step enables a cinematic view of our framed output to provide shading, lighting effects to the video.

This increases the feel of realism to the views of the animation video.

Step 10

3d animation process step 9

Video Editing (Final, Internal or External)

The final step ensures frame-compiled videos created and ready for peruse.

The output is standard mp4 (most of the time) and can be trimmed to a preferred resolution, pixel density, and more settings required, so as to enable upload over Facebook, Youtube, and other platforms.

  • Color Scrip Animation


    Colors have various mood connotations and combining them can subconsciously make the viewer experience different emotions. The main point here is that the colors should serve the story in a way or another. Color scripting is a process of mapping out the color, lighting, and emotional connotations of an animation video in an animation studio. A Color script is a sequential and visual outline, explaining how colors will be used throughout the 3d animation.

  • Color Correction


    A combination of technical solutions in a single process to fix color problems and correct any deviations from the standard colors in a project is called color correction. Color correction is not limited to 3D animation production. It is widely used on television, cinema, photography, etc.

    There’s another process called Color Grading which looks similar from the technical point of view but different in how and when it is used. Once the rendered video is color corrected, the aesthetics and thematic properties of the project can be improved through color grading.

Simulation helps these entities to create prototypes of the large machines and tech devices without wasting any materials. These prototypes help in detailed analysis and prevent any wastage of efforts and money. Engineers run the 3D simulations for the prototype designs and analyze the shortcomings of the machine long before it comes to existence.

Companies such as Hensley Industries, Kontec GmbH, and more are already adapting 3D simulators in their work systems. Although as easy as it may sound, the pipeline of a 3D animation is quite complicated. Through the cautious control of 3D models inside the 3D simulation program, we would then export the image arrangements, which will give the deception of moving graphics based on how we control the subjects (graphics).

3D models can be turned and moved simply like genuine items. Without a doubt, 3D activity is at the core of computer games and augmented reality, yet it might likewise be utilized in other different domains to add 3D flair to the visuals.

At Queppelin we provide various augmented reality 3D animation related services and platforms such as Queppelin’s AR furniture platform and Shoes Tryon. Also, our 3D animation team not only works for creating realistic talking characters, but we have some fantastic features that will make even your videos and content look more appealing to the world.

If you are a game developer or a video production company, a graphics designer, an architect, or any other sector infused with 3D simulation, facing issues with 3D transformation or a 3D animation process Queppelin can help you. Moreover, if you search on your own for the best 3D animation programs, 3D modeling software, or best 3D animation creator programs on the Internet, you will run over a thousand lists of items.

It can turn out to be extremely hard for a beginner to choose the best three-dimensional animation program for an assortment of purposes. Whereas, our 3D animation expert’s team can make the whole process very smooth for you.

3D animation in the medical field

At Queppelin, our team of 3D animation experts provides the impeccable 3D animation scene or 3D visual aids which can be used to deliver a detailed representation of a treatment process, different kinds of diseases, concepts of physiology or anatomy, and more.

Our 3D animation services can also be used for teaching medical students complex subjects which are challenging to comprehend.

Video production

Have you noticed the steady growth of 3D animation in most fields nowadays?

Most of the brands, advertising companies, websites, and the gaming industry is infusing their entities with 3D animation.

The reason is that 3D animation makes its services reach a broad customer base, and also it assists them in engaging the customers’ attention towards their brand. Similarly, Queppelin helps the clients to achieve their ultimate goals.

Motion graphics for the business

Many brands are using motion graphics for promoting their products and services. Companies in different areas such as sports or medicine are infusing their companies with motion graphics for achieving a broad client base.

Queppelin can provide unique ideas and techniques for the promotion of your brand with the help of years of experience. Such as 3D motion graphic videos or animated 3d models boomerang videos.

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