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Footwear Try-On Lens

We created a Footwear Tryon for Snapchat. The technology detects the user’s feet and overlays different footwear options on them. Users can try three different footwear under the experience i.e. casualwear, sportswear, and formalwear. Using AI/ML we sync digital footwear to the movement of users’ feet adding to the realism.

  • AR Shoe Tryon
  • 3D Object Modelling
  • Feet Scanning
  • Movement Tracking

On-demand Snap Filter Development Services for Businesses

If your business serves younger audiences, then your Snapchat venture is a must. The camera and messaging app is one of the top social media platforms worldwide given a whopping 347 million people use it every day. Interestingly, most of the users belong to younger generations. In fact, Snapchat reaches a staggering 75% of millennials and Gen Z

Queppelin’s young and passionate Snapchat filter development team is dedicated to the platform. We help you explore this surprisingly powerful marketing and branding tool to bond with youngsters and build a strong brand.

Snapchat Filter Development Services

Snapchat users spend around 30 minutes per day using Snapchat on average. Hence, we suggest you reach out to your audience in a multi-pronged fashion. Our Snapchat filter design services include Lens Development, AR Games Development, AR Tryon Development, and other AR-based experiences with customized solutions.

Virtual Tryon Development

Lets your audience try your products on Snapchat before they buy or even before they leave home for shopping and build trust instantly. We help you build digital try-ons for clothing, shoes, accessories, watches, jewelry, and headwear, as well as for make-up like lipstick, eyeshadow, eyelashes, and much more.

Snapchat Lens Development

We create Snapchat Filters or lenses for businesses keeping the likes, preferences, and behavior of your target audience in mind. Our Snapchat Lens Development Services are available for special occasions, business events as well as promotional and entertainment purposes.

  • AR lenses for Entertainment
  • AR lenses for Special Occasions
  • AR Business Promotional Lenses
  • AR Business Event Lenses

Snapchat Games Development

Queppelin’s vast experience in immersive technologies like AR helps businesses build interactive and engaging games that entertain a huge gaming audience. We offer Snap AR game development services for all game genres including action-adventure, puzzle, fighting, sports, and much more.

  • Action-adventure Games
  • Puzzle Games
  • Fighting & Sports
  • Toss and Collect Games
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Benefits of Snap Filter Development for Businesses

We create AR-based Snapchat filters or lenses for Snap users to engage with your brand’s marketing and promotional endeavor. Considering 300 Million Daily Active Users(DAUs) on the platform engaging with such experiences, the strategy is bound to result in great benefits.

Reach out to the younger demographic

Youngsters hang out with each other on Snapchat, they capture AR experiences and share them in their social groups. As per the data from the app itself, 23% of American adults are Snapchat users, more than Tiktok and Twitter. That is why it is imperative for businesses to explore the popular platform.

We help businesses offer branded AR experiences dedicated to Snapchat where we put your playful side forward to attract fun-loving youngsters and help you build a loyal audience base.

Expand the top of your revenue funnel

Snapchat is great for personalized user experiences. Keep your audiences at the center of the experience and they will keep your brand in mind. Moreover, they capture, share, and advocate the business as well to influence others for something they believe in. This leads to mass sharing and initiates social media discourse around the brand.

Eventually, the top of your revenue funnel expands with more customers entering it at any given time. We develop smooth-functioning AR experiences with high-quality visuals for high brand recognition and audience engagement.

AR Visualization for more sales & reduced returns

With AR product visualization, businesses help users make informed purchasing decisions leading to 2X more sales and up to 40% fewer returns. Users get a clear idea about the product, its dimensions, and features feeling more confident about the purchase.

AR allows users to digitally try apparel, shoes, jewelry, watches, and other accessories. They can also place products in their home to understand how the actual product would look. Queppelin has developed AR virtual stores with end-to-end functionality where users enter and explore the product range in one go.

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Steps involved in developing a Snap AR Experience

Our Snap AR Development Process


Design Document

The first step is where we consult you to identify & document your project requirements. This process has to be exhaustive with more options and possibilities to consider.



The research is carried out to prepare the list of all the important functionalities required to build the Snap AR experience.


Resource Allocation

We assign the team to your project based on the complexity required to execute it.


Asset Design

Additional creative assets are created like graphics, 3D models, etc.



The AR Lends/Filter is coded to add additional functionality on the basis of design document.


Editing / Assembly

The additional assembly work is included in AR to account for the exception paths.



The Experience is examined for any bugs and anomalies. If found, they are fixed, and the experience is optimized to prepare for deployment.



The highly optimized Lense/Filter is deployed across platforms such as devices and operating systems to have the maximum possible reach.



We offer complete post-deployment support to tackle any situation that arises to make sure the Snapchat users get the best possible experience.

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Hire Expert Snap Developers for quality outcome

Queppelin is one of the leaders in immersive technologies. We have worked along with some of the leading brands such as Emirates NBD, Unilever, Tanishq, and others, and delivered world-class immersive solutions.

Below are the simple steps we follow when you decide to Hire Snapchat Developers who are adept at delivering dynamic, custom, and scalable solutions.


Send Us Your Detailed Project Requirements


Select Candidates For Screening Process


Take Interview Of Selected Candidates


Initiate Project On-Boarding & Assign Tasks

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Snapchat filter design and development is executed through Lens Studio. You can design your filter through your in-house team or get it done through a Snapchat filter development services provider like Queppelin and let experts do it for professionally.a

Since the cost of Snap Filter Development is highly variable and depend upon factors like 3D modeling involved, functionality infusion, AI/ML utilzation. Thus, zeroing on a single number is not possible. You can contact Queppelin at to discuss your project and get an approximate evaluation.

Snap filter design does involve machine learning. Through the technology, it powers many features like lens sophistication, user-related discovery content showcasing, relevant search results generation, and architecture security.

Lets Partner up.

Whether you’re looking for help with a single project or a long-term partnership, Queppelin has the resources and expertise you need to help you achieve more. We’re here to support you every step of the way, whether you use a single service or build an entire platform.