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Ethereum Blockchain Services offered by Queppelin

Queppelin boasts of offering comprehensive full-stack Ethereum Development Services with a dedicated team of experts and a range of high-end tools to help your business move to Ethereum Blockchain.

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Consultation on Ethereum Integration

We offer exhaustive consultation for a smooth integration of the Ethereum platform into your business. We ensure you have a rock-solid base and leverage for future growth once you enter this world.

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Dapps Development on Ethereum

Decentralized Applications (dApps) are the future of business applications with no single point of failure. Our Ethereum-based dapp development services render a full-functioning dApp with zero downtime.

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Ethereum Smart Contract Development

Queppelin builds autonomous, fast, secure, and accurate Ethereum-based smart contracts. Smart contracts enable the direct transactions between parties without involving a third player. Hence, shorter time, faster pace, and lesser frauds for businesses.

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Token Development for Ethereum

Queppelin provides token development services on Ethereum, to enhance your business process, improve overall functionality and do away with the need for intermediaries. We build a range of tokens including Security Tokens, Utility Tokens, Assets Tokens, etc.

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Private Network launch on Ethereum

We help you launch your own scalable, secure, and permission-based private network on the Ethereum blockchain with shorter downtime. These networks facilitate high transactional speed and data security so that you sail with ease.

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Ethereum Application Porting

We help you modernize your business infrastructure by moving your existing mobile or web application onto the Ethereum Blockchain Platform through Smart Contract.

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Ethereum Wallet

Check account balance, transact in a variety of crypto-assets, and connect with different applications with your Ethereum Wallet. All this with great security and ease

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Launch Ethereum Node

You can launch your own Ethereum nodes and connect them to the main Ethereum network. Contribute to the safety of the chain while earning cryptos.

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Ethereum - The most popular blockchain platform to consolidate your business growth

Ethereum is a decentralized blockchain platform that sustains a peer-to-peer network establishment. It is an amazing platform that proffers multiple benefits to your business such as transparency, predictability, and immutability. Ethereum ensures these benefits through automated programs called Smart Contracts & powers the secured verification and execution.

Why does your business need Blockchain?

The answer is simple because the blockchain is the future. Blockchain simplifies and accelerates business processes like never before. It offers advantages that the business world was craving for a long time.

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Data immutable on the blockchain leads to predictability of the outcomes and better decision-making. Thereby easing and simplifying business processes.

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Decentralization of the blockchain database allows stakeholders to track procedures and maintain consistency across the board. This diminishes time-consuming disputes arising from information mismatch.

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It facilitates trustless transactions between parties which means they don’t need to entrust intermediaries to facilitate transactions. This saves time and costs, the two most precious assets of a business.

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Blockchain interoperability signifies data exchange between different blockchains. These prospects for innovation of powerful products and services leveraging the benefits of multiple blockchain networks.

ethereum blockchain services
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Ethereum Blockchain Application Development

We develop applications on the Ethereum platform that efficiently utilizes its unrivaled benefits. We help you get impeccable smart contracts that automate your business process and make it much more efficient and productive. We developed fast, efficient, and secure solutions for enterprises and startups for varied projects such as micropayments, crypto wallets, cryptocurrencies, crowdfunding, and much more.

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Ethereum Blockchain Development for Startups

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Ethereum Blockchain Development for Enterprise

Private Ethereum for Enterprises

Enterprises need security, predictability, and accountability in their operations to ensure higher performance. They need to manage a high volume of sensitive data, track processes and procedures, and ensure quality standards that conform to the safety and regulatory standards. 

Enterprise blockchain applications can be built on the public permissionless Ethereum or on private blockchains that are based on Ethereum technology. The inherent features of Ethereum facilitate businesses in fulfilling their business responsibilities and meet the business with ease and convenience.


Ethereum’s decentralized architecture offers permissionless access to the nodes in a consortium network. This helps them operate independently from a central entity.

Security & Privacy

Ethereum ensures the privacy of consortium networks. It allocates information and trust by encrypting data and shares it only with the relevant parties.

Censorship Resistant

Ethereum protects businesses from censorship by third parties on conducting transactions, as long as they conform to the governing laws of the network. These laws are set in advance and cannot be altered retroactively.


The consensus algorithm on Ethereum ensures that the record of transactions remains tamper-proof and canonical.


Ethereum utilizes Proof of Authority consensus tagged with custom block time and gas limit to help business consortiums scale up their transactions. They can notch up hundreds of transactions per second depending on network configuration.

Ethereum Smart Contract Development Services

Our Smart Contracts Development Services make sure that you successfully tap the enormous potential of these game-changing technologies. Smart Contracts are an integral part of Ethereum that facilitate business automation, and resource optimization as well as reduce the chances of human errors in critical processes.

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Digital Smart Contract Architecture

We ensure a bug-free workflow by creating a clear and flawless smart contract architecture. Our experts chart out a basic architectural design to define the underlying logic and present the best solution possible for your business.

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Design & Development

We design and develop customized smart contracts with features suitable across industries. Queppelin takes care of the entire process from creation, execution, deployment, and management of smart contracts with enforceable agreements.

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Ethereum Smart Contract Development

Our Ethereum Smart Contract Services generate ERC-20 and ERC 721 tokens contracts for your business. These contracts have found immense utility across industries like healthcare, automotive, finance, trade & commerce, etc.

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Smart Contracts Optimization

We optimize Smart Contracts through specific as well as generic modifications such as fixing byte array size, optimum library utilization, short-circuiting, etc. We ensure that the gas wastage is minimal to save the precision resource.

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Smart Contract for dApps

Our Smart Contract development services render dApps that incorporate business logic as intended. Once smart contracts are deployed on the network you can't change them. We help you get it right​.

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Smart Contract Auditing

Queppelin’s expertise in Smart contract development helps identify any potential bugs, susceptibilities, and improvement scope. We present a comprehensive and insightful audit report so that you have a robust and error-free contract before or after deployment.

Smart Contracts Explained!

Smart Contracts are self-executing contracts stored on a blockchain network as a computer protocol. They get executed automatically once the conditions pre-determined by the involved parties meet. They are completely automated and cannot be altered once saved on the network.

Smart contracts offer tons of benefits for businesses including automation and transparency of business processes saving cost and time. They provide security through the immutability of the stored data and by getting rid of any third-party involvement.

Queppein develops Smart Contract based solutions to all sorts of problems across industries. We develop accurate and bug-less Smart Contract that reduces the burden on your resources and improve efficiency for unparalleled business growth.

ethereum blockchain development
ethereum blockchain development

What Benefits do Smart Contracts bring to my business?

Smart Contracts bring the exact benefits to businesses that they always needed. These benefits secure the highest possible chances of a successful business endeavor.


Smart contracts enhance efficiency significantly by standardizing and automating repeated procedures, getting rid of unnecessary paperwork, or reducing the occurrence of manual errors.


Smart Contracts make the process predictable by guaranteeing the execution of the agreement in a determined fashion. This ensures that the parties are satisfied and do not get involved in resource-intensive dispute settlement processes.


Smart contracts record and execute vital contractual terms with precision. They help in avoiding problems arising from data insufficiency, mismatch, or ambiguity.


Smart contracts are backed by the most secured platform of blockchain employing the latest data encryption techniques. This makes them the safest instrument for sensitive business data.


All the transaction records are visible and accessible to all the parties to the agreement maintaining transparency and, thereby, building trust in their business relationship.

Cost & Time Saving

Smart Contracts do away with the need for intermediaries. This not only saves an enormous amount of cost and time but also reduces the chance of data leakage.

Why Companies Choose Queppelin

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Hire Ethereum Developer for better resource optimization

Finding Ethereum developers can be a daunting task, let alone discovering an experienced one. Queppelin, being one of the first movers, has built a team of experienced Ethereum blockchain development experts over the years who are ready to work for you.


Send Us Your Detailed Project Requirements


Select Candidates For Screening Process


Take Interview Of Selected Candidates


Initiate Project On-Boarding & Assign Tasks

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Why working with Queppelin is highly recommended?

Cost-effective Development

We make sure the Ethereum-based solution development is a smart move on our client’s part, in all terms including finance. With Queppelin, you can economically hire talent to work for you on the latest technologies.

Years of Experience

Smart contracts are backed by the most secured platform of blockchain employing the latest data encryption techniques. This makes them the safest instrument for sensitive business data.

Expert Team

Our team of over 250 experts works on your project day in and out to develop the best solution for your business needs. We have worked on more than 600 projects including those of fortune 500 companies.

Support around the clock

Success knows no time and neither do we. Our team offers round-the-clock support on your project and ensures you sail smoothly towards your objectives.

Tested Quality

Queppelin has always been an ardent advocate of quality development service. Serving the best quality in the industry has always been our top priority. This special focus on quality resulted in our name flashing on Burj Khalifa.

Our clients love working with our team

“Queppelin developed Blockchain based solution for our logistics tech company. Instead of spending time trading files, emails, calls, we have real-time exchanges, we have transparency, and we have increased reactivity, all of which benefit our customers.”

Deepak Banga, Founder & CEO, Fleetable



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Queppelin’s developers differ in the high amount of experience they have in the latest technologies like metaverse development, blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFTs, AR/VR, etc. The industry is fairly new and finding experienced developers is the most difficult aspect. Queppelin can help you in this direction.

Yes, Queppelin offers comprehensive consultation on blockchain and its different aspects right from requirement analysis to deployment and maintenance. We help you understand the technology better and facilitate smooth blockchain integration so that you can modernize and monetize your business.

The cost of outsourcing a project to an Ethereum blockchain development company varies with a lot of factors such as the business objective, the scope of the project, engagement model, technological stack, man-hours required, and more. At Queppelin we aim for the highest quality services that justify their prices.

Yes, we do. Queppelin offers complete support for post-development of the projects under our full-ownership engagement. For other projects, the form of support regarding their upkeep and maintenance is decided with mutual understanding.

It all starts with our consultant on Ethereum understanding your requirements for the relevant dApp. They understand the on-chain and off-chain components of the project. Thereafter the PoC development strategy is developed for a cost-efficient, future-ready, adaptive, and business-oriented endeavor.

It all starts with our consultant on Ethereum understanding your requirements for the relevant dApp. They understand the on-chain and off-chain components of the project. Thereafter the PoC development strategy is developed for a cost-efficient, future-ready, adaptive, and business-oriented endeavor.

Lets Partner up.

Whether you’re looking for help with a single project or a long-term partnership, Queppelin has the resources and expertise you need to help you achieve more. We’re here to support you every step of the way, whether you use a single service or build an entire platform.