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Events in Metaverse: The Future Of Meetings, Seminars, Expos

Metaverse events are virtual gatherings of people hosted over a metaverse platform, like Queppelin’s Metaverse. An event of any format can be organized in the metaverse, limited only by imagination, whether it’s a business gathering or a rock concert.

It involves the development of the 3D virtual environment to build the venue, characters, feature addition, and facilities for the visitors, allocation of booths to sponsors & exhibitors, placements of banners and videos for promotion, etc. It depends upon the organizer how they want it to be.

Queppelin’s Metaverse Platform offers high compatibility so that users can access such metaverse events from any device, whether a desktop or a smartphone. The participants of the metaverse events can wear their headsets or sit down in front of their screens.


Harness the possibilities of Metaverse Events with Queppelin’s robust platform

Take your business leaps ahead of competition

Metaverse events are making an entrance. So, while others are still losing time in contemplation, you can be the leader and the trendsetter for the market.

With Queppelin’s best-in-class metaverse event platform, break down the geographical, financial, temporal, and spatial barriers and act with flexibility and freedom in the Metaverse. Organize product launches, town halls, meetings, conferences, training, and seminars to tap the huge potential. 

It gets you:

Did you know?


of companies have continued to host metaverse events after the pandemic receded


of companies plan to increase investment in Metaverse events related technologies

5 Billion Users

It is estimated that by 2030 the users on Metaverse could grow to 5 billion unique internet users.

metaverse events

Your Virtual Event, My Platform, Our Win

Seamless & Exhaustive

An uninterrupted process flow right from registration to the day of the event and post-event for all the visitors, organizers, and sponsors, with instant and exhaustive analytics

Launch product to an infinite audience

Give your product the launch of a millennium with millions of eyes watching it. Queppelin’s Metaverse allows you to reach a large audience across the globe with ease & efficiency. It makes the event accessible across devices and platforms resulting in heightened reach for better prospects.

Add the components of Web-based AR using Vossle & 3D modeling, the fun will be untamed.

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Create unforgettable event experiences to build Brand & Community Engagement

virtual events in metaverse

Power unique branded virtual events for any audience size

Host leadership summits, conferences, AGMs, or Partner meetings. Invite speakers, performers, and others who can bring great value to the event. 

Additionally, take special care of sponsors and exhibitors and make them stand out in the event to make it a roaring success with higher ROI.

Did you know?

46 Million

people saw Travis Scott's Astronomical show on Fortnite

33 Million

people saw Lil Nas X's show on Roblox

Launch product to an infinite audience

Give your product the launch of a millennium with millions of eyes watching it. Queppelin’s Metaverse allows you to reach a large audience across the globe with ease & efficiency. It makes the event accessible across devices and platforms resulting in heightened reach for better prospects.

Add the components of Web-based AR using Vossle & 3D modeling, the fun will be untamed.

Did you know?

10.7 Million

people have attended concerts on Fortnite


people said they would join the metaverse for live entertainment

gatherinvr events metaverse

Online Training & Seminar in Metaverse

Conduct online training sessions for employees, students, or trade partners with a combination of live and pre-recorded streaming. 

Control the participation with digital log-ins or make it freely available to everyone, the power is in your hands.

Did you know?


Before pandemic, only 45% of people had attended a virtual event; now 87% have


The Metaverse is expected to help improve creativity and imagination by 39%

Possibilities with Metaverse that make events unforgettable

Make it a fantasy

Turn your event into an adventure, make it a treasure hunt or let the participant have wings to fly over and around the premise. With metaverse, you are free to imagine what you want to offer at your event.

Get it gamified

Gamify your events, conduct instant audience polls, and organize quizzes and contests. Ensure that your event is a hit amongst the audience. Do it with ease with GatherIn VR.

Instantly visible reactions

With metaverse, explore the possibilities to instantly gauge the audience’s reaction. Let visitors share their appreciation in the form of emojis or other visual signs so that you know they are having a really good time.

Advantages of Queppelin's Metaverse Platform

Queppelin’s Metaverse Platform allows you to host your event at any place of your choice. It can be outdoors like a beach, a hill station or indoors like a cafe or a club. It can even be a fantastical place like another planet. Here are a few additional advantages of using our platform

Have VR Headsets?

Queppelin’s Metaverse Platform can make your experience even more immersive

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Metaverse Retail Store for British Telecom

metaverse for events and conferences
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BioGas Plant Metaverse Expereince

Don't have VR Headsets?

Our Metaverse platform can be accessed without it.

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Real Estate Applications

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Virtual Training & Education

Don't have a virtual land to build on?

Bypass the costly need to buy virtual land to build a metaverse. Our Metaverse Event Platform does the work right away. We build metaverse in half the investment without requiring a virtual land to build upon.

Why Companies choose Queppelin

How do Metaverse events offer an edge?

Social Media Integration

Our Platform allows you to integrate social media with your metaverse events. This opens the doors for success even before the event takes off.

Dedicated booths

Dedicated booths or areas to the sponsors and exhibitors that outshine others and look attractive to the visitors.

virtual reality cardboard
Multiple parallel sessions

Queppelin’s metaverse platform allows conducting events through multiple and parallel sessions. Visitors can choose the session they want to attend and make the best out of the event.

Analytics & Reporting

Detailed analytics is provided including the total number of attendees, areas visited, average video watch-time, resources accessed or downloaded, feedback, etc.

Speed & Security

All the processes like registration, data access, resource provision, and experience triggers are made quick and secure with a special emphasis on privacy.


Queppelin’s Metaverse offers a wide-ranging capability covering all the popular I&C devices such as VR headsets, laptops, desktops, and, smartphones. Visitors don’t need to install any app to attend the event.

Live and Pre-recorded Streaming

Stream Live as well as pre-recorded videos. Make sessions more meaningful and engaging through well-prepared videos for better lead generation.

Ready to use software

Queppelin’s platform is a cloud-based ready-to-use metaverse event platform. Tailor it to suit the requirement regarding any form of an event. Create a virtual replica of your own office and stir up interest.

Complete 3D Design

Queppelin offers a library of 3D layouts for lobbies, booths, auditoriums, and tracks. Enhance any of them as per the need and you are all set to rock.

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To host an event in Metaverse, you can use our Metaverse platform. The following is a step-by-step guide.

  • Set a goal: Choose what type of event would suit best your business objectives.
  • Choose the Right Venue: Decide on the type of venue that would be best for the event.
  • Rope-in Experts: Contact people having experience in conducting metaverse events like Queppelin and inform them about your wants.
  • Attend the event and have fun.

110 million people are expected to use Metaverse services by 2023.

Although replacing the real-life event won’t be a thing in the near future but events in the metaverse surely hold a great prospect. Hence it is undoubtedly a ‘yes’. 

The reason, the Metaverse can unfold enormous opportunities when it comes to hosting an event.  Boundless reach and immersive engagement are the two main edges that only the metaverse brandishes.

A virtual event platform or metaverse event platform is a software tool that enables the conduct of a digital event. 

It brings the feel of a live event by utilizing smart technologies like Artificial intelligence and Machine learning. Additionally, the components of audio, visual, and interaction are included for higher audience engagement.

Metaverse has the ability to take human interaction to another level with the help of futuristic technologies like Artificial intelligence (AI), Machine learning,  Virtual & augmented reality etc.

Thus, Metaverse is a new world with a different texture of reality that allows users to do everything from buying land to getting married in their virtual avatars.

The metaverse is a virtual world where a person can live a life in their virtual avatar. The thing that makes it different from other VR platforms is it is persistent i.e. it keeps on running even if the person is present there or has logged out.

The metaverse merges digital and physical reality and diminishes the divide between online and real-life interactions.

Lets Partner up.

Whether you’re looking for help with a single project or a long-term partnership, Queppelin has the resources and expertise you need to help you achieve more. We’re here to support you every step of the way, whether you use a single service or build an entire platform.