building an NFT Marketplace along with 10K NFT collection

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Momento NFT is an NFT social network for the creator economy. It is the easiest way to create and collect social NFTs. View and purchase short-form NFT videos from amazing creators in entertainment, sports, beauty, and comedy.


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With our aims and efforts in bringing the right tools and technical expertise to businesses to create a technology breakthrough, we have been able to create another great story this time touching the sky.

Our client Momento, is a startup junkie with great interest & experience in the blockchain/cryptocurrency world. The recent advancement in the NFT world makes them invest in digital asset creation.


We believe in delivering solutions that are personalized and meet every aspect of the project.

Our client Momento wanted to build an NFT marketplace created from scratch and also a series of 10k NFTs to be sold as digital assets on their marketplace.

Creating such technology and marketplaces requires in-depth knowledge of the market and a firm base to build upon which we take pride in our teams and their exquisite talent. Taking things forward, the client fixed upon blue whale as the preferred animal and 10k GIFs to be generated using a set of accessories & amendments.

The NFTs are to be hosted on a new marketplace (created from scratch). Each of the GIFs has to come out 3D augmented on the website and sold as a digital asset via Solana smart contracts.


We allocated extensive and subject experts for undertaking the project. Delivering quality over the given time frame is kept on top priority.

The following is the comprehensive solution that our team put out forward:

  1. Creating a marketplace with user management, product management (digital files), and order management has to be created.
  2. Mascot created which was used in Momento NFT. Since we believe in creating a systematic approach to our designs and constructions, Mascot was the optimum option. This modular approach to software construction, operation, and running tests helped us deliver real results in the given time frame.
  3. NFTs were created on the historical aspect of the cryptocurrencies depicting the journey of Bitcoin, Solana, Dogecoin, etc. Momento is the artifact cave for all the historic, and time turners art. Hence, we also included the artwork depicting the historical journey of the cryptocurrencies themselves.
  4. WebAR solution (using integrated enables a 3D-view to the products hosted on the product page. Each product (asset) will have a separate product page with details of the asset¬†shared in writing and a ‚Äėview in 3D‚Äô button.
  5. Creating & integrating Smart contracts script for users buying any digital asset through the marketplace.

Drafting a clear and objective-oriented plan for projects is one of the critical steps in turning every tile into success. It helps in better communication between the client and the team. 

Next, we broke the technological aspect of the project to comprehend the necessities and have a structural approach.

Technology & Framework

  • Blender for 3D Modeling
  • Internet download (paid) & Photoshop for Accessories
  • Python script for Blender for NFTs generation
  • Shopify, MySQL for Marketplace
  • Vossle for WebAR
  • Solana based smart contracts
  • Metamask wallet
  • IPFS storage

The above is the technical facet of the project that we build the given requirements of the client on. Going about with the building of the project we are here to break down every step for you because we believe in having impactful, clear, and translucent conversations.

The process for the NFT creation was inaugurated with the building of 3D creatives starting from a 2D sketch of the model, 3D modeling, and NFTs are created.

The next phase of the project begins with marketplace development which is kickstarted with Admin Panel Creation, Web AR Integration, to Smart Contacts Creation, and finally, NFT marketplace which is intertwined with NFTs generated.

The above steps helped the teams be clear of their objective and their next steps which bring out multiple efficient and effective results.

Some of the silent features of the marketplace involve:

  • Storefront
  • Filter
  • Search
  • Sort
  • User management¬†
  • Buy Now
  • Resell¬†
  • Authenticity & Copyright¬†
  • Security
  • Tokenization¬†
  • Augmented Web Reality¬†
  • Wallet integration

And now it’s time for the big launch. We offer complete and comprehensive solutions to our clients guiding them on every step of their journey in the world of technology.

Therefore, we also curated a wondrous video, displaying in every frame what the Momento values and stands. Stepping into the future is no easy task but with the right support and direction, one can grasp the speed of the race as quickly as possible.


They say the sky is the limit and success is soaring higher into the realms of possibility. We say the sky is just the beginning where dreams begin from and our organization touched the skyline by being featured exclusively on the tallest skyscraper in the world, Burj Khalifa, Dubai.

We could never be any prouder and this is just the beginning of flights of success that lay ahead. We are enthralled and delighted to bring to you the success story of our latest endeavor.

NFT Marketplace is complete with a stunning video representing exactly the work of amazement we produced and developed. And guess what it gets featured on the equally thrilling and marvelous skyscraper of the world, the tallest and finest of them all on the Burj Khalifa situated in the heart of the city Dubai. 

Momento is aimed at showcasing some of the most memorable, interesting, and fascinating moments of the past decade in the digital format that you can cherish forever. A simple, easy-to-use, rewarding with multiple payments options solution to your curious mind of NFTs solutions.

So dive into the future with the right tools and technology by your side. Experience the power of technology available and leverage the power to its best use with the best team by your side, Queppelin.

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