Metaverse Statistics you should know in 2023

Metaverse Statistics

The name metaverse is a portmanteau of the word “Meta”, which means ‘Beyond’, and the word “Universe”, thus it means “beyond the universe”

$800 Billion

By 2024, the metaverse market is forecasted to reach $800 Billion up from $47 billion in 2020. (Source)

$300 Billion

Similarly, the global AR, VR and MR market will make up to $300 Billion by 2024. (Source)

Trillion Dollar Opportunity

The metaverse will offer an opportunity for around a trillion-dollar revenue generation a year by impacting every industrial sector in one way or the other.


59% of consumers are eager to move their daily activities into the metaverse.

Source: Mckinsey


More than 55% of VR users found the experience extremely or moderately satisfying.

Source: AR Insider


In a recent survey, 45% of business leaders said they have good understanding of the Metaverse

Source: AR Insider

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Reasons for joining the Metaverse according to internet users worldwide in 2021

There are numerous attractions available in the metaverse for various kinds of users. According to a survey of internet users conducted in late 2021, more than half of the participants would join the metaverse to take advantage of networking opportunities and virtual workspaces. 44 percent cited investment in cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens, while 48 percent cited art and live entertainment as their primary motivations for joining the metaverse.