Sandbox Metaverse Development on virtual land for global advertising agency


Our client, purchased a LAND in The Sandbox Metaverse. However, they were not sure of the ways to develop their metaverse and leverage it for business gains.

They came to us for consultation, and we provided them with multiple options to choose from. The discussions zeroed-in on a plan to have a virtual office in this metaverse.


The goal was set to develop their metaverse so that they can use it for marketing purposes. Therefore, virtual office space was to be developed wherein they can arrange meetings with prospects and organise other promotional events to reach as many visitors as possible. 

Given the fact, that The Sandbox has a proven record of multiplying the reach of digital marketing campaigns including that of the social media platforms.


As part of this project, we built a three-storied building denoting the three offices of the client in three different countries. The interiors have been designed in the same manner as that of their offices. 

The space has been developed to meet the needs of our clients and help them achieve their business goals.


As a result of these developments, Queppelin proved its technical capabilities in developing a metaverse on The Sandbox platform that can successfully meet any business goal.

We created a well-functioning Metaverse that helped them fits right into their marketing strategies to enlarge their audience base, build community, improve their social media reach. This will transpire into the upwelling of the sales and improve the turnover to the manifold.

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