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Building a Augmented Reality Experiences, using Vossle platform

We help businesses develop cross-platform Augmented Reality Experiences, AR Games, and Marketing campaigns using the Vossle platform. A cloud-based SaaS platform for businesses to build Augmented Reality Experiences without the hassle of coding.

  • No Coding required 
  • No App required
  • No Cloud Expertise required

Helping every size of business succeed.

Trusted by fortune 500 Companies & leading startups globally

We accelerate brand growth through AR & AI-based user Engagement, eCommerce multiplier, and creating customer loyalty

The benefit of building on the Vossle platform is the different types of AR we can create for your business.​

Image Targets

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You scan a static image on a newspaper, and the AR application overlays a digital object tied to the static image, then again, marker-based AR is in action.

Virtual Try-Ons

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Vossle’s web-based face detection allows anchoring any 3D model. Vossle detects facial features and overlays the Try-On on them.

World Targets

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Vossle allows you to create a rich AR experience using the markerless technology. 

AR Games

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Vossle web-based AR Games allow the users to create interactive and fun gaming experience for the users without the need to install apps.

A business toolkit.
For every business.

Vossle WebAR makes it easy

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Vossle’s Powerful Platform is perfect for all browsers and works across all devices

  • Vossle uses real-time face detection technology to understand facial features and enable 3D Try-on in real-time
  • Deliver contextually relevant info at points of purchase and consumption
  • Increase the customer engagement with custom AR Experiences
  • Experience virtual products in your reality – up close & personal.
  • Augmented Reality has become the Virality mechanism
  • Vossle Extended Reality (XR) allows businesses to publish AR experiences targeting iOS and Android devices.












Maximize Brand Reach with WebAR

Reach over 3 billion devices using WebAR
1.1 billion - ARKit
0.5 billion - ARCore

WebAR experiences or Augmented Reality experiences, witness high engagement durations. A study revealed that on average 80% of users spend more than 1 minute engaging with an AR Experience.


Without the hurdle of installing apps on mobile, App-less augmented reality enhances the ability of marketers to reach 3.8 billion smartphones globally.


WebAR is compatible across both iOS and Android operating systems which makes it more accessible to masses.

The Advantage Of Using WebAR

Appless augmented reality on mobile, accessible directly from a web browser, is increasingly popular. WebAR offers many ways to optimize the user experience.

Source: Snap Consumer AR Global Report 2021

Source: Snap Consumer AR Global Report 2021

Source: Google Consumer AR Survey, Global, 2019

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Hire AR Expert Developers

To create high impact WebAR experiences you require experts. We have an in-house team of 3D Modelers, 3D Animators, Designers and Tech professionals that help bring to life high quality Web AR experiences which stand out.
Hire reliable developers at a reasonable cost from us. Below are the simple steps we follow when you decide to hire our Augmented Reality (AR) developers who are adept at delivering dynamic, custom, and scalable solutions.



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