Augmented Reality captures more than 11 billion dollars of market revenue, drawing over 4 billion dollars of investment in 2019. With its widespread applications, Augmented Reality is not only challenging the status quo of diverse fields but also changing the way we interact and perceive technology today. However, to create mind-boggling AR applications, you need the help of Software development Kits, which let you build the AR tech you envision.

One of the best SDKs that empowers its users with the necessary tools to build world-class AR Applications is Vuforia. Using computer vision technology, it recognizes and tracks planar images and 3D objects in real-time. It enables developers to orient virtual images relative to real-world objects when viewed through a mobile device’s camera. At Queppelin, we offer augmented reality app development that will help you grow as strong competitors in the industry.

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Vuforia’s Augmented Reality solutions have numerous practical applications—where to start depends on understanding where you’ll get the fastest, most meaningful ROI. Our Vuforia development services include and carry hands-on experience to develop customized AR solutions for clients across versatile domains. With the help of Vuforia tools and resources, we offer exceptional advantages by providing the quickest, most convenient, and most advanced AR content development solutions that can help address workforce challenges and meet business goals.

With the help of AR Solutions, your enterprise can employ ways to build demand and shorten sales cycles. Maybe you can revolutionize your workforce by providing an AR interface for training and instructions. 

Possibilities are endless, and we at Queppelin believe in realizing them by helping create a top-notch application with Vuforia.

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Why should you choose Queppelin

At Queppelin, our team of experienced and skilled Vuforia AR developers and designers are fully committed to our client’s requirements. We follow the iterative design paradigm, which improves the experience at every level of production throughout the development of software solutions. Powerful features of Vuforia like advanced computer-vision and cross-platform reach, have attracted over half a million developers and enterprises, making it the most popular AR software. Being such an impactful tool, we at Queppelin help guide you in realizing the AR use cases for your business with unique, innovative, and user-friendly applications aiding you in achieving your business goals in a short period.

Our developers build state-of-the-art Augmented Reality solutions with the latest tech stack for a variety of use-cases. So we have something for pretty much all the businesses out there:          

  • E-Learning and Educational Apps
  • Experiential e-commerce and m-commerce Apps
  • UI/UX for customer interaction
  • Augmented Reality Filters 
  • Image recognition based AR apps (described above)
  • AR gaming apps

We also access a business or organization’s processes and provide software solutions and other recommendations based on this assessment. We integrate customized software into an organization’s operations to reduce the workforce and increase efficiency.

Queppelin, deemed as an expert in Vuforia development, provides top-notch services like software consultancy, software development to an array of industries. We can help you, too, by understanding your business and offering effective software solutions.

Here is how our services shall be of help to your organization

  • Our services will free up your time which you would otherwise devote by which you gain time to focus on your core business
  • Accelerate your business by improving your efficiency and productivity 
  • The solutions provided by us will reduce cost and control operating expenses
  • Provide solutions that will gain a technological edge over your competitors
  • Happily resolve the everyday issues faced by your organization whenever required
work showcase on vuforia

Skills and Expertise around the domain

As a vuforia development service company, at Queppelin, we have a set of dedicated professionals who have been working on the technology. At Queppelin, we provide solutions for both mobile and web platforms for vuforia development services needed by our clients. As an expert in vuforia development, Queppelin caters to its client using the cutting-edge technology expertise, flexible budgeting, and a well-defined plan for project execution.

Vuforia being a commercial SDK; in order to use Vuforia to make commercial applications, one needs a license key. For distributors license the plan price is specified by PTC Vuforia and offers licensing based on the revenue of the company, 

Queppelin being a vuforia development service company, we own official licenses for vuforia tools and resources and are at a much lesser for your business. Hence, drastically minimizing the development and licensing cost on your part and relieving you from the worry and investment concerning a perfect plan. 

For developing applications with Vuforia based on these technologies, Vuforia provides API(Application Programming Interface) in C++, Java, Objective-C++ and .NET languages through an extension to the Unity Engine. Coding in these languages is one of our prominent skill sets and we typically follow the state of the art industrial standards for creating an application with vuforia. Our Vuforia development services cover up the following development:

  • Markerless: Markerless Augmented Reality allows you to float any virtual object in the Real-world. You can move and relocate any virtual object in an actual physical place, to aid the realism. One such great AR software solution is from Queppelin for experiencing your furniture at home before going for an actual purchase.
  • Marker-based: It is all about recognition of the marker, an image, or any print media. Any image will turn into animation when you point your camera on it.
  • Location-Based: The virtual world is physical space, point your camera in an open space and dive into a virtual world. Location-based AR ties augmented reality content to a GPS driven specific location. It allows you to place virtual objects anchored to the real-world locations. 

As a Vuforia development service company, we would like to demonstrate LiveOrbis a the kind of Vuforia Development service we have created:

LiveOrbis:  An innovative software solution based on Unity 3D and Vuforia. We built it intending to serve the power of Augmented Reality to SMEs for immersive customer interaction.

How do we Deliver Solutions

At Queppelin, we believe in specific fundamental values that have been imbibed over a couple of years in our services. This holds for our Vuforia Tools and Resource services too. Developing client-centric products being one of our primary values. Our team follows the following protocol while developing tools for you:

work showcase on vuforia

Do you have an idea? We have the tools to make it a reality.

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