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Smart Contracts are self-executing contracts stored as a computer protocol (or program) on a blockchain. They run automatically once the pre-specified conditions meet without the intervention of a trusted third party. As a result, smart contracts can cut down administration and save services costs, improve the efficiency of business processes and reduce the risks. Additionally, Smart Contracts offer high security to business operations as they are immutable once saved on a blockchain.

Smart contract development service offered by Queppelin helps fuel your business operations with this latest technology breakthrough. We offer Smart Contracts solution for all sorts of business situations to power a robust business workflow.

The Smart Contracts that Queppelin creates are accurate, bug free, resource optimizing, and efficiency improving. Business growth assured.

Benefits of Smart Contracts



Smart Contracts standardize and automate recurring procedures, scrap unnecessary paperwork, and eliminate manual errors.



The strict execution of the agreement in a predetermined fashion lends predictability to the process and eliminates resource-intensive disputes.



Smart contracts record and execute agreements with precision. They remove data issues like insufficiency, mismatch, ambiguity, etc.



Blockchain-based encryption makes them the safest instrument for sensitive data.



The records in a smart contract are visible to all the parties to the agreement. This builds trust and transparency in the business relationship.


No Intermediation

Smart Contracts creates a trust-less working environment. The involved parties don’t need to entrust a third party for process facilitation.


Cost & Time Saving

All the above-mentioned benefits such as automation, transparency, and no-intermediation help save huge costs and time.

Smart Contract Development Services

Smart Contracts are integral to blockchains. The digital arrangements are immutable once uploaded on the mainnet.

A small flaw in a contract can lead to unrecoverable damage in the form of money-loss, permanent freezing or even direct theft to the dissolution of entire crypto communities.

This is where Queppelin’s years of expertise outperform those with little to zero experience in the field. We develop flawless Smart Contracts shedding human errors in critical processes.

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Digital Smart Contract Architecture

Bug-free business workflow through a smart contract architecture by experts. Encapsulating the unimpeachable logic for the best possible business solution.

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Smart Contract Development

Our Smart Contract services generate standardized token contracts on Solidity for industries like healthcare, automotive, finance, trade & commerce, etc.

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Smart Contracts Optimization

Smart Contracts optimization with modifications such as fixing byte array size, library utilization, and short-circuiting for less gas wastage and resource economization.

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Smart Contract for dApps

Our Smart Contract development services render dApps incorporating intended business logic and help you deal directly with your partners for better prospects.

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Smart Contract Auditing

We get you a comprehensive audit report to save your business and its resources. We identify potential bugs, susceptibilities, and improvement scope for a faultless contract before or after deployment.

Smart Contract Applications

Application Benefits Use Cases
Internet of Things
  • Reducing the cost for maintaining central server
  • Automating P2P business trading
  • Reducing cost for trusted third parties
  • IoT device firmware auto-updating
  • Speeding up Supply chains 
Public sector
  • Preventing data fraudulence
  • Data transparency of public information
  • Preserving privacy
  • E-voting systems
  • Personal reputation systems
  • Smart property exchange platforms
  • Reducing financial risks
  • Lowering administration & service costs
  • Improving efficiency of financial services
  • Capital markets and investment banking
  • Commercial and retail banking
  • Insurance
Data Provenance
  • Capturing malicious data falsification
  • Improving data reliability
  • Preserving privacy
  • Scientific research
  • Public health
  • Cloud data provenance
Distributed Systems Security
  • Sharing attack list quickly and reliably
  • Verifying the trustfulness of cloud service providers
  • Avoiding usage of brokers
  • Mitigating DDoS attack in computer networks
  • Cloud computing
Sharing Economy
  • Reducing consumer costs
  • Reducing cost for trusted third parties
  • Preserving privacy
  • Item sharing
  • P2P automatic payment systems
  • Currency exchange platforms
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Smart Contracts for Business: A Smart Choice indeed

Smart Contracts bring the highly sought-after benefits that businesses always needed. They contribute to your successful business endeavors big time and facilitate an edge over the competition.

  • Save precious business resources 
  • Maintain Transparency in business deals
  • Improve business efficiency exponentially
  • Eliminated intermediation, expedite the process

Queppelin - An Experienced tech partner for Smart Contracts

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Smart Contract Development

  • Automated ownership transfer
  • Intermediation elimination 
  • On-chain Document management 
  • Industry-specific tokenization
  • Code-based invoice generation
  • Payment and security
  • Digital Warranties & Certificates
  • Customized wallets
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Smart Contract

  • Design & architecture analysis
  • Code review manually
  • Security audit
  • Flawed features identification
  • Underflow and overflow assessment
  • Complete functionality testing
  • Gas usage estimation
  • Detailed audit report & recommendations list
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Smart Contracts Optimization

  • Smart contract performance validation
  • Resource consumption minimization
  • Platform-specific analysis
  • Minimization of TCO
  • Protection against service attacks
  • Secure random number generation
  • Cryptographic signature verification
  • Analysis as per the platform

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They are called Smart Contracts as they can auto-execute themselves when contract conditions are met without the requirement of manual operations. They do away with the need for third-party involvement by automating the business processes.

Smart Contracts are of three types: 

  • Smart Legal ContractsThese are legally enforceable and require involved parties to meet their contractual obligations.
  • Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)These are for the communities that have to follow specific rules such as an organization. These rules are coded into smart contracts combined for automated governance of the organization.
  • Application Logic ContractsThese contracts are application-based codes synced with other blockchain contracts to execute specified functions. Such contracts facilitate communication across different devices, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) over a blockchain.

Experts who know how to write code in a smart contract language and have enough tokens can write a smart contract and deploy it over a blockchain network.

Smart contracts are completely legal as they are nothing but a computer program that facilitates disintermediation and transparency. In fact, they can reduce a lot of burden on the legal system by their very nature. They facilitate commercial efficiency and minimize transaction and legal costs.

Following are some examples of Smart Contract utilization.

  • Insurance: The policy terms can be encoded into a smart contract. At the time of claim, prescription or medical certificates can act as the input trigger for the smart contract to release the payment.
  • Supply Chain: Smart contracts can provide a transparent and permanent record of the goods transit between multiple parties. Payments can be executed automatically upon the delivery, and inventory gets updated automatically in real-time.
  • Voting: Smart contracts make voting safe and convenient. It can validate voters’ identities to prevent multiple votes. It could widen accessibility, encourage voter participation, and pace up the process of reporting and tallying votes.
  • Real Estate: Smart contracts can record property ownership of any structure. They reduce the need for lawyers or brokers and optimize transaction speed and efficiency.
  • Finance: Smart contracts can reduce costly errors by automating workflows and speeding up accurate calculations to reduce work hours as well.

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