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Sandbox brings businesses the opportunity to create a deeply immersive Metaverse in which users will be able to discover, establish interactions, to join in or participate in a community, and transact with businesses as well.

The Sandbox is the fastest-growing Metaverse platform over the past year. The Sandbox offers an amazing platform for creating mind-blowing virtual experiences, which has made it a more loved and enjoyable platform among its peers.

What is the Sandbox?

Built on the Ethereum Blockchain, The Sandbox is a dynamic virtual world where users can develop, own, and monetize their virtual experiences. The Sandbox offers a unique way to create, assemble, and share 3D voxel models.

SAND is a utility token built on the Ethereum blockchain that serves as the basis for transactions on the platform.

Create. Trade. Monetize.

Bought land on Sandbox, now what can I do with my land?

Once you have bought land in the Sandbox, then this virtual world is your oyster.

We can create games, concerts or infrastructure on your virtual land and be the attraction to millions of visitors on the Sandbox platform.

It’s really down to what you want to make. Consider what you would like to create, consider what kind of experience you would want to share with people, what kind of outcome you are after.

It is your virtual land after all, let’s build an amazing Metaverse on it together.

Build a Metaverse Game: A Game Platform based on Blockchain

Let us help you build Voxel 3D games on The Sandbox, leave the technicalities to the Queppelin team of experts. Whether it’s 

we can do it all for your business.

Create Quest-based Solo adventures

Lure the visitors of your land onto a captivating and breathtaking adventure that they can’t get enough of.

Make them go crazy for a hidden treasure that has been stored behind thrilling hurdles. If this is not enough, you can even a whole new culture and base your action-adventure on it where there is drama, action, fight and romance – a complete package.

Blow your minds with Puzzles

Test the IQs and critical thinking abilities of your visitors and make them scratch their heads with mind-boggling puzzles.

Let them get lost in your land with labyrinths and put them into escape rooms that they can only exit from once they solve a baffling riddle. The options to tease their brains are many, you just need to choose what you want.

Design Social Hubs

Organize the most unforgettable and wonderful social gathering for your community and make it grow multiple times.

Organize parties, meetings, concerts or even conferences to enhance interaction and deepen the ties. Now, work from home will not be as isolating as it used to be and distance will not hamper clear communication. Let the visitor know about your work and ideas and garner wide-ranging support for your endeavours.

Blockchain Gaming with NFTs

The Sandbox virtual world uses blockchain technology and NFTs to empower the players and creators. Let us help you build Metaverse games on Sandbox, leave the technicalities to our team.

So what’s different with Blockchain gaming?

Fungible Non-fungible
E.g,. One US Dollar
E.g., John Lennon Limited Edited Postage Stamp
Not interchangeable
Uniform (all are the same)
Distinct or unique
virtual office on sandbox

Create your Virtual Office: Our Latest Project on Sandbox

Queppelin built an amazing virtual office for one of its clients. The objective of the client was to develop their Land in the Sandbox so as to have a virtual presence in the booming market of Metaverse. They wanted to capitalise on it and get an edge in their marketing efforts. 

Towards this end, in phase 1 of the project, we have built a three-storied building on their land representing the offline offices of our client in three different countries. Moreover, we assembled the interior in a manner that replicated the interior in those offices.

The client liked the creation a lot and we are looking forward to more such projects together.

Create NFT galleries to 10K NFTs: Next-gen Metaverse Avatars

10K NFTs can be a unique creation of an object, art, perk or avatar. 10K, literally, means the number of the total NFTs collection counts. We help you create NFTs, NFT galleries & 10K NFTs to monetise them with the right strategy.

70 Mil

worlds have been created on The Sandbox


virtual worlds are created every day on Sandbox

1.2 Mil

monthly average users on The Sandbox Evolution with up to 2.6 Million at peak.

Queppelin’s Sandbox Development Services

Queppelin helps businesses design the layout of your virtual land and bring your idea to life. This in turn helps people discover more about you/your business in The Sandbox metaverse.

Our team of experts provide businesses, like yours, the toolbox you need for your imagination to come to life. We customize assets, transform landscapes and establish interactions for your business on Sandbox.

We, at Queppelin, develop intelligent interactive solutions for our clients to help them stay ahead of competition.

Turn your ideas into a 'virtual' reality with Queppelin

We help you bring your idea and give them a spectacular virtual lease of life. And in the process, and earn your way through it. Get the best shape, look and feel of your virtual real estate that awestruck the viewer.

How does Queppelin help you gain this virtual edge?

Quality Served Economically

Queppelin has garnered huge respect and earned its name in the market. The popularity rides on the fact that we are one of the pioneers of Metaverse technology offering services for over a decade. Our high-quality service available at the most reasonable prices has gained great attention and appreciation.

Always Ahead

The market, in general, and Metaverse, in particular, is about being proactive. The trends keep on changing at lightning speed. This is where Queppelin shines. Having a proactive approach by keeping a keen eye on the changing currents and employing the next-gent technologies keeps us ahead of the market and make us the trend-setters.

Virtuosity in the Virtual World

With over a decade of experience in virtual world development, Queppelin has a lot to offer, The range of resources and expertise we gather over these years contributes a great deal and gets reflected in our product and services. In short, we know exactly what you need and how to serve you better.

Global Expertise

At Queppelin, we always strive to attain the best of talents and transcend boundaries to cherrypick them from across the globe. This enables us to bring the best of services and pro products that meet international standards and serve your business need in the most fulfilling manner possible.

Why choose Sandbox platform?

The first and the foremost reason for choosing The Sandbox it’s potential to offer endless possibilities.

Business Prospects

The Sandbox is a wonderful tool for business growth and development. You can set up your virtual office and arrange digital meet-ups, organise business events, raise brand awareness, attract a new audience, and much more.

Personal Space

With the privacy protection of blockchain you can freely use it for your personal use and organise your social affairs in this virtual world. Organise any concert, host a wedding, host a wedding, build your community and organise gatherings, as well as invite guests.

The possibilities of this virtual world are virtually unlimited. It totally depends on you how you utilise this amazing tool to manifold your reach to a wide spectrum of the population.

The Sandbox as a Game: Playing in the SAND

How does The Sandbox gaming experience fare in comparison to well-established players like Roblox & Minecraft. Check out the table showcasing differences between The Sandbox and Roblox & Minecraft

The Sandbox Roblox & Minecraft

True Ownership

  • Assets stored in player wallets through
    tokenization of UGC.
  • User retention of copyright in
  • Ownership not tied to a game; and
  • Creative authorship is immutable.

Limited Ownership

  • Assets stored in game systems.
  • Copyright limited and items can be
    modified by third parties
  • Ownership is tied to the game.
  • Creative authorship is hard to prove.


  • Less fraud possibility thanks to
    blockchain’s record keeping technology.


  • Server-based transactions.
  • High possibility of fraud (13%

Fair Revenue Share

  • Creators will receive 100% of the selling
    price they set for their creations
  • Multiple creators can automatically
    share payments and revenue.

Limited Revenue Share

  • Creators receive partial payment for
    items they sell
  • Ownership limited to one player

Decentralized Trading

  • Blockchain allows assets to be shared
    between users for collaboration.
  • Peer-to-peer trading.

Centralized Trading

  • Centralized system limits
  • All trades are controlled by 3rd

The Sandbox vs Roblox vs Decentraland: How they differ as a Metaverse Platform?

Although they seem quite like each other, these three Metaverse platforms are different in more than one way. The table below will make you understand the difference easily:

Features Roblox Decentraland The Sandbox
Gaming platform and game creation system
Virtual World
Gaming platform, game creation and monetization
Centralized. This kind of too much concentration of power in the hands of few has been a basis of dissatisfaction of the user. This mode of governance allows the select few to have command over millions as it was in the times of Web 2.0.
It is fully decentralized and operated on DAO, where the players decide on the policies. However, decentralisation in this form poses a challenge of gaining a proper direction.
The Sandbox has perfectly balanced the governance approach between centralization and decentralisation. And they will systematically move towards full decentralization by charting out a meticulous plan of action for a sharp-focused approach.
Tokens used
Mana, Wear and Land
Sand, Assets, Games and Land

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The Sandbox metaverse utilizes the Ethereum blockchain. Thus, it tracks the ownership of the digital possession in the games namely LAND and ASSETS. The trade on The Sandbox platform is carried out with a digital currency called SAND. The currency can be stored on the Ethereum-based digital wallet.

SAND is the native token of the metaverse known as The Sandbox. It is used to perform transactions and interactions of any kind within the ecosystem of The Sandbox. 

It is based on the ERC-20 standard and its total supply has been capped at 3 billion SAND.

Sebastien Borget is the co-founder of The Sandbox gaming company. It was established in 2012.

There are a total of 166,464 LANDs in the Sandbox platform. One plot of LAND is 96X96 meters in length and breadth as a perfect square and 128 meters in height.

1 meter is the equivalent of 32x32x32 voxels in The Sandbox.

You can merge these land units to form a larger LAND parcel or an ESTATE given that they are adjacent to each other. You can go up to the maximum limit of joining a total of 576 lands in a 24X24 grid.

Yes. The Sandbox Alpha game got live on November 29, 2021. Since then, it has been attracting many gaming enthusiasts and became the fastest-growing metaverse platform.

Yes, the Sandbox is based on the3 Ethereum blockchain network. It is a decentralized gaming metaverse where anyone can create, sell, use, and monetize NFTs.

Yes, the Sandbox is based on the3 Ethereum blockchain network. It is a decentralized gaming metaverse where anyone can create, sell, use, and monetize NFTs.

Yes, as per the prediction and forecasts by various experts and organizations, The Sandbox will bounce between a maximum value of $142.80 and a minimum of $120.60 with an average being $124.77 by the year 2031.

Lets Partner up.

Whether you’re looking for help with a single project or a long-term partnership, Queppelin has the resources and expertise you need to help you achieve more. We’re here to support you every step of the way, whether you use a single service or build an entire platform.