Queppelin helps a personal care brand run a WebAR based Marketing campaign

(Client name withheld due to non-disclosure terms put forward by the client)


Run a promotional campaign for providing visibility to comfort diapers for all the babies.

The brand was focused on its efforts and operations in the burgeoning online retail market. Our client wanted to administer a Web-based Augmented Reality (or WebAR) campaign to promote its new comfort diapers product and increase sales during mega sale events on e-commerce platforms.


Queppelin utilized cutting-edge technologies such as the 8thwall’s AR development tool and three.js for creating a WebAR experience of the clients product.

Our team used three.js, a powerful back-end engine to design & animate complex 3D models and background environments.

We used 8th Wall’s WebAR development tool to provide an end-to-end service-based platform for creating models with advanced graphics, filters, and real-time effects.

The team at Queppelin came up with the design & implemented it within one month. We kept our clients always in the loop during the process. Thus, iteratively improving the experience and aligning it with their concept.

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Personal Care

Web-based Augmented Reality (WebAR)


Services we helped the client with



increase in conversions as compared to traditional campaigns


growth on Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)


views generated via the QR code

1.5 mins

of average user engagement time


The company recorded its highest sales within six weeks of the WebAR campaign. Their WebAR experience garnered 500k viewers, with an average engagement time of 1.5 minutes.

As the campaign achieved some impressive results and solidified client confidence in Augmented Reality technology. Here are some results:

  • 8% increase in overall conversions through the Ad campaigns
  • 3x growth in Return on Ad Spend(ROAS) in contrast to the prior 2 dimensional (2D) campaigns
  • 500,000 views on web-based Augmented Reality experience with an average engagement time with the experience of 1.5 minutes
  • 2x increment in conversion value

Attracting customers using innovative technology has become the new normal.

This WebAR (or browser-based augmented reality) based ad campaign was a massive hit in accelerating their sales. Also, helped the brand knock the ball out of the park when it came to comparisons to past campaigns. 

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