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3D Modeling Services

3D Modeling is a technique to produce a 3D virtual representation of any object.

You can understand a 3D model as a collection of points (called vertices) in space that can move in coordination when animated. Moreover, these objects can be further animated to build Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality Experiences or in Product Visualization.

Queppelin created a 3D assets for a Virtual Reality experience of a Biogas Plant for a client to create a Digital Twin. This virtual experience of the Biogas plant was used to train new employees in a safer environment, thereby, reducing cost and time.

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We build 3D Experiences that exceeds client expectations

Whether it is for product visualization, marketing, branding, or sales, 3D Modeling plays an important role.

Visualize Products with 3D Product Modeling

Make buyers/customers understand your products and their utility better by providing them access to 3D models of your products. This helps the buyer make a well-informed decision, thus improving your profit margin significantly.

Merge the experience with Metaverse and let users interact with the product more engagingly. These are sure-shot ways to make sales through the roof.

Did you know?


of buyers are more likely to make a purchase on products that are visualized in 3D.


decrease in annual product returns with retailers that adopted 3D.

Rethink your production process with 3D Virtual Prototypes

3D modeling helps your business develop the most competitive and hard-to-beat products. Once you see the virtual prototype, you can easily zero in on the right technology and material for your product and streamline your supply chain. It smoothens and sharply refines the products and facilitates your production process.

This enables a seamless and rapid transition of ideas from mind to market and, at the most reasonable cost. Thus, giving you a well-established edge over other market players.

Did you know?


of shoppers are willing to pay more if they can see can item using 3D & AR.


of millennial prefer no sales rep interaction in B2B purchase setting.

3D Virtual tours to open new opportunities in Real Estate

With 3D visualization of property, your sales pitch takes a significant leap ahead. Combine it with Augmented Reality or Virtual reality and enhance the chances of success manifold.

Let more people visit your properties simultaneously without increasing your sales force.

Did you know?


of users want businesses to offer virtual tours on their website


of adults rely on virtual tours for research & decision-making

3D Visuals for Game Development

Our expertise in 3D character development, 3D game environment creation, and animation bring you the best outlook of your game that contributes a great deal to the gaming experience.

It allows you space to focus more on the experiential part of the game such as the plot development, rules and challenges designing, marketing and sales, etc. giving you the best ecosystem for the creation of a game that can take the market by storm.

Did you know?

$1.63 B

global valuation of Visualization & 3D Rendering Software Market

$9.61 B

the market is forecast to be valued by 2030.

ipl 3d characters
3d animation healthcare industry
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Simulate Training & Learning Experiences

3D visuals & experiences make the concepts more understandable. It is a proven fact that the more senses we employ in a learning session, the better the outcomes we get.

3D visualization results in interactive training & learning wherein you can see, hear and analyze. This enhances cognitive and analytical skills like no other mode of learning.

Did you know?


faster learning & retention for students with 3D visualization

Add dimensions to your marketing strategy with 3D models

3D modeling brings more facets to your marketing strategy by offering high-quality and realistic advertisements that are viewed differently by the audience.

Moreover, the proliferation of smartphones has made the 3D-interactive marketing campaign an inevitable future of advertisement. Now, the users want more than just unidirectional preaching of product features. They want to interact with the product, see it from different angles, go through the internal design and reach a solid decision.

Did you know?


increase in conversion rate for luxury brands using 3D in marketing


increase in user engagement with 3D compared to 2D solution

3D Modeling Services we provide

3D Modeling

360 View

3D Animation

3D Visualization



Queppelin will amaze you with its 3D services

The list of 3D services is extensive, however, there are some areas where we are better than our counterparts.

Concept Art

We create Concept Arts to set the tone as well as communicate the vision accurately to achieve the desired goals.

3D Characters

We give you a 3D character that rightly suits the plot and invokes awe in your audience with its look, feel, and mannerism.

Rigging & Animation

Rigging is the creation of a digital framework to simplify the animation process and improve production efficiency.

metaverse events

3D Environment & Props

With our detailed 3D environment and prop creation services, make your audience live the moment and the emotions.

3d product animation

3D Architecture

With textures, details, and realistic lighting, it helps your client imagine the finished product.

3D Animation

Our animation services get you eye-ball-catching visuals that are fun to watch and lead to a deeper reach of the implied message.

Revamp your brand with Virtual 3D Photography

Gone are the days when product photoshoots used to cost you a fortune and the results were limited and unsatisfactory. This era belongs to the virtual 3D photoshoot. 

Visualization & 3D rendering is a process of developing and processing a 3D model into a pixel-perfect 3D photorealistic image, which can be used by the end-users such as architecture, building, and construction, media and entertainment, design and engineering, etc.

Super easy on pocket so you get more by paying less

3D photography costs less when you compare it with a digital photo shoot. In business, it’s all about reducing costs to enhance profit margins.

Get the desired outcomes with greater flexibility

Virtual 3D photography photos can be reworked at any given time to meet your objectives, unlike physical photoshoots where the outcomes are fixed and unalterable.

Hassle-free and easy

No need to include tons of props or go to different locations, involve a large team, wait for the right lighting, and whatnot. Just contact us and be relaxed. We will get the work done.

More brands are opting for it

An increased number of brands are opting for Virtual 3D Photography thanks to its hassle-free, flexible, and budget-friendly attributes. Join the first mover’s list and be the market leader.

Our Approach to 3D Modeling & Animation Work

Queppelin works on specific fundamental mechanisms that have been imbibed over a couple of years in all our services. This holds for our 3D modeling service too. One of our primary benefits is to develop client-centric products. Our 3D modeling team follows the following mechanism while providing our 3D animation products/services/solutions for you.

Step 1

3d animation process step 1

Requirement Gathering & Storyboarding / Moodboard (Analysis)

The idea finalization, analysis, and approval form the backbone of transmitting an idea through the animation process. 

The idea shared in text or verbal format has to be first understood and conceptualized.

The pen-paper or tool-based storyboarding ensures the idea intended by the client and interpreted by the service provider (Queppelin) are in sync.

Step 2

3d animation process - animatic


The goal of an animatic is to define the timing for a piece of moving image. When used with a soundtrack, they’re a quick and easy way to get a sense of a finished piece of moving image. Animatics are created by playing a series of images in order and changing the timing of each frame. Timing changes are used to create a sense of pace.

Originally, animatics were created by filming drawings with a camera, then editing the film to various scenes. Today you can create an animatic in Photoshop, After Effects, or specialist animatic software.

Step 3

3d animation process step 2

2D Model & Assets Designs (Illustration)

The next step is creating the characters, outlining the backgrounds, and preparing other visual elements of the animation.

It starts from simple sketches and develops into detailed designs and images.

Then, it’s time to decide the color palettes of the animation, including the colors of various objects and lighting.

Another important part of any animation is the backgrounds where different actions come to life and the characters perform their activities.

Step 4

3d animation process step 3

3D Modelling

This stage defines how each of the characters will look like and how the background environment will support the story.

It’s the actuals that meet the eye at this stage. Eventually, assets are a combination of character designs and the corresponding environment.

The idea of creating the characters based on the storyboard above takes place in a jiffy if the assets are first created in 2D (illustrator) and approval is sought for the look & feel.

Step 5

3d animation process step 4


The step involves creating a skeletal structure (for animation movement), introducing points for movement (joints) to enable the mobility of a character.

Achieving smooth and complex animations is entirely dependent on the quality of the rigging phase in the animation pipeline.

Step 6

Voice Over & Music

A parallel procedure to record voices (with specialized artists in various languages) takes place as per the script finalization.

Also, some licensed and royalty-free music tracks can be arranged from various sources online.

Step 7

3d animation process step 6

Animation (Unrendered)

The idea finalization, analysis, and approval form the backbone of transmitting an idea through the animation process.

The idea shared in text or verbal format has to be first understood and conceptualized.

Step 8

Rendering (External/Internal)

Rendering enables frame by frame generation of a final assembled animation.

This step is time-consuming and books a bunch of resources, therefore generally outsourced to external render farms.

Specialized Render farms are available with a high number of server nodes for faster and high-quality output.

Step 9

3d animation process step 8

Lighting, Touchup & Sound Integration

This step enables a cinematic view of our framed output to provide shading, lighting effects to the video.

This increases the feel of realism to the views of the animation video.

Step 10

3d animation process step 9

Video Editing (Final, Internal or External)

The final step ensures frame-compiled videos created and ready for peruse.

The output is standard mp4 (most of the time) and can be trimmed to a preferred resolution, pixel density, and more settings required, so as to enable upload over Facebook, Youtube, and other platforms.

  • Color Scrip Animation


    Colors have various mood connotations and combining them can subconsciously make the viewer experience different emotions. The main point here is that the colors should serve the story in a way or another. Color scripting is a process of mapping out the color, lighting, and emotional connotations of an animation video in an animation studio. A Color script is a sequential and visual outline, explaining how colors will be used throughout the 3d animation.

  • Color Correction


    A combination of technical solutions in a single process to fix color problems and correct any deviations from the standard colors in a project is called color correction. Color correction is not limited to 3D animation production. It is widely used on television, cinema, photography, etc.

    There’s another process called Color Grading which looks similar from the technical point of view but different in how and when it is used. Once the rendered video is color corrected, the aesthetics and thematic properties of the project can be improved through color grading.

Our Work

We’ve been providing new immersive solutions to businesses for year now. We help businesses connect with their users and explore the metaverse.

The ever-growing list of Industries we serve

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Benefits of Outsourcing 3D Modeling to Queppelin

External resources to optimize internal resources

Managing human resources gives you an absolute competitive edge. So, while we work on your 3D modeling, you let your in-house team focus on bigger goals and take on more projects.

Shorter turnaround, Higher quality

Our team of experts with years of experience minimizes the concept-to-production time and maximizes the quality of the 3D outcome.

You get what's promised

Adherence to the agreed guidelines and standards forms the core of our engagement. It is what has made Queppelin a reputable name in the market.

We reduce the pressure on your cost and time budget

With Queppelin taking care of your 3D modeling needs, not only do you save time and cost. Our prices are the most competitive in the market

Employing the latest technology without investment

By outsourcing work to Queppelin, you reap the benefits of the latest technologies in the field of 3D modeling without investing in employee’s constant training

  • Bypass a lengthy onboarding process 
  • Find expert help regardless of location
  • We work according to your timelines.

Hire/Outsource 3D Designers

Hire best 3D designers at a competitive costs from us. Below are the simple steps we follow when you decide to Hire 3D modelers or designers from Queppelin, who are adept at delivering dynamic, custom, and scalable solutions.


Send Us Your Detailed Project Requirements


Select Candidates For Screening Process


Take Interview Of Selected Candidates


Initiate Project On-Boarding & Assign Tasks

team icon

Dedicated Team

cost of time icon

Fixed Price Model

time icon

Hourly Model

Recognized by the best

Our work has been featured in


Depending upon the avenue you choose for availing 3D modeling service, the cost for it will vary.

There are two avenues for it – 

  1. Hire a full-time 3D designer for your business.
  2. Outsource your 3D designing process.

If you choose to go for a full-time 3D designer, it will cost around $100,000 annually on an average.

However, if you choose to outsource 3D Modeling process, your business can save a lot of cost. The cost will depend on a lot of factors such as the type of service you seek, no. of resources you seek, the complexity of the project, etc. It might range from approximately $40 to $60 hourly for smaller projects.

The time it takes to create a 3D model depends upon its complexity. A comparatively simple 3D model that is prepared with photoreal quality with proper attention to detail can take around 2-3 business days. Such 3D models do not include too many complex shapes or additional software.

On the other hand, if the 3D model requires a lot of detailing, involving some organic shapes and some additional software then, the duration may vary upto a week or so.

The difference between the 3D models for mobile games and that of PC games is not that stark. It is based on the graphical configuration of the device. Since mobile devices have lower configuration, it uses lower-numbered polygon models while PC uses higher-numbered polygon models. Polygon number determines the smoothness and detailing of a 3D model. However, with the right amount of details in textures of low-mid polygon models, they can be made to look equally great as that of high polygon models.

We work both ways. You can provide us with a sketch of the concept and we can create a 3D model on its basis. Or else, our concept artists can discuss with you the details to create the concept as per your demand.

Yes, they can. 3D modeling is the most fundamental step to animation. Every 3D object that is visible in 3D animation is made out of a 3D mesh in special software and this process is 3D modeling.

We deliver all types of source files after the project. It can be Unity, 3DS Max, Maya, Blender 3d, Cinema 4D, Sketchup and others.

There are three common methods of 3D modeling:

  1. Polygonal modeling – It is based on vertices i.e., points in 3D space. These are connected by lines to form a 3D mesh and give a desired shape to the model. However, making curved surfaces is a bit of a challenge.
  2. Curve modeling – In this method, the surfaces are defined by curves. These curves are managed by weight controlling points. Increasing the weight of the point results in an increase in the curvature by bringing it closer to that particular point. On the contrary, reducing the weight of the point results in the flattening of the surface.
  3. Digital sculpting It is the use of software offering tools to manipulate the digital model as it is done with clay.

Some of the tools we use inhouse for 3D modeling are:

  • ZBrush
  • Maya 
  • Blender
  • 3DS Max

Lets Partner up.

Whether you’re looking for help with a single project or a long-term partnership, Queppelin has the resources and expertise you need to help you achieve more. We’re here to support you every step of the way, whether you use a single service or build an entire platform.