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Queppelin provides various services (Flight Simulation Service) for its customers and is developing and broadening its scope simultaneously. As we say, modern situations need advanced services Queppelin’s Flight simulator services  is one of the best-suited examples.

We have the experience of developing the best flight simulator in the market. Queppelin provides services to worldwide aviation schools, airlines, training centers, and more. In this lockdown period, we provide cost-effective VR flight simulators for uncompromised training of your trainee pilots.

We use the best software and techniques for developing different types of terrains such as windy, stormy, turbulence, and more, with the help of Virtual Reality simulations, which makes the immersive scenarios more realistic and unique.


flight simulator in action

Flight simulators have been used in pilot training since long; they were not realistic or too expensive but now the industry is changing and is infusing itself with immersive technology.

At first in 2019 the US Air force was the first one to launch the VR pilot training for its trainees. The training takes 12 long months to train and certify a batch of pilots but through VR headsets and advanced AI biometrics 13 pilots were trained and certified in a period of 4 months.

VR infused pilot training is very beneficial as it costs $1000 per unit instead of millions. Now-a-days instead of using a full size cockpit mockup, the training academies are using VR headsets which are more portable and more effective in training the pilots.

VR headsets as a flight simulation device are of great use for militaries as they like to train their pilots in remote areas. Queppelin’s flight simulation devices assist in terrain model creation for efficient and cost effective training for aviation academies.


Our Flight simulator Services/Solutions

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Queppelin’s team of experts is sufficiently efficient to provide services on various platforms such as
  • Commercial Aircraft
  • Military Aircraft
  • Wide-body Aircraft
  • Narrow-Body Aircraft
  • Training Aircraft
  • Unique Mission Aircraft
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • Helicopter Simulator and more.


Queppelin provides Flight Management System Programme, which inculcates the procedures and instruction for using the flight simulators to the optimal level.
  • We offer a free trial of the uncompromised quality of simulation for the training centers to experience our VR flight simulator before investing in expensive sessions.


We also provide solutions and services to the market in various types of flight simulators such as
  • Full Flight Simulators
  • Virtual flight training
  • Line flight training
  • fixed base simulator
  • Flight training devices
  • Flight mission simulators
  • Flight training simulator​
Boeing flight simulator

3D simulation with touch screen

3D flight simulation(Flight Simulation Service) device comes with a unique feature where mechanical actuators are attached to come in contact with various parts of the body, generally hands and fingers, which add the sensation of touch to the computer generated simulated world.

Queppelin flight simulators feature 3D replicated cockpits with touch screen features to place the trainee into the realistic scenario with emergency situations for training him to handle the obstacles during a flight.

Our 3D simulators can provide pre-takeoff or post-landing operations, pre-flight operations, take-off and departure phases in routine and emergencies, flight maneuvers, instrument incoming and landing scenarios, and more.

Terrain development

Queppelin works on (Flight Simulation Service) self developed databases that assist to develop virtual reality simulations which helps to fulfill the specific requirements of customers regarding development of digital terrain models.

The digital terrain model helps us represent the bare land model, which can be modified with the help of computer programs.

Development of digital terrain models enhance our capabilities for recreating real world areas in our virtual reality world with maximum level of similarity.

Geo Specific models are developed through real photos taken of the specific land which is required to be converted and developed with Blender and Maya modelling tools, and then transformed into VR’s model format with our conversion tools.

For placing Geo Specific models on the terrain, our virtual reality simulation developer Editor is used as part of the terrain development process.

flight simulator in action

Why choose us our Platform?

Cost-effective services

As we all know, flight simulators are costly. Sometimes, if a company chooses the flight simulator, which doesn’t work for the company, it can be referred to as a total waste.

But at Queppelin, we provide a wide range of flight simulators at attractive and cost-effective prices.

We offer a unique service to our users to take a trial of the flight simulators before investing the massive amount in buying them.

Wide range of new generation flight simulators

Our team of experts has developed a wide range of advanced and innovative flight simulations that can train your pilots for tomorrow’s challenges.

Quality Assurance

Queppelin works on specific fundamental mechanisms that have been imbibed over a couple of years in all our services.

We provide the best quality assurance to our customers. Our loyal customers swear by our uncompromised quality services.

24x7 365 days support

Queppelin provides 24/7 services and support for our customers and tries to resolve the issues expeditiously.

Services all over the world

Queppelin provides(Flight Simulation Service) its advanced and uncompromised services to several regions such as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and the rest of the world.

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flight simulation services in india
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How do we deliver our Services?

Queppelin’s priority of focus is to provide innovative and advanced products, uncompromised quality services, and impeccable simulation experience to its customers. Our Flight simulator experts’ team follows the same mechanism while providing our innovative Flight simulators products/services/solutions.


Start with your Idea & its requirements

Our experts team work on given requirements and make the exact same product which you want for your company.

We conceptualize your idea

Once we analyse all the challenges and requirements we make a full fledged plan and timeline for developing your product in time.

We strategize & plan

We make an action plan and include every minor task and challenges which we may face. Once the detailed action plan is ready we divide the work as per the categories and assign the work to our team experts.

We begin crafting the VR Flight Simulator

We provide the best flight simulators and other products. we provide only high definition quality products and uncompromised services.

The flight simulator becomes ready for launch

We run a test trial before selling the products to our user for testing the HD quality.

We stay in touch with our customers for post-sale services

We provide 24/7 and 365 days service for our loyal customers.

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In Augmented Reality, the digital elements are added to layer the user’s real-world or enhance it with the virtual effect. 


Virtual reality gives people the feeling to be at another place when, in fact, they are not physically present at that place.


Mixed reality creates an environment where the user can interact with the virtual objects. Instead of residing in a completely virtual world, mixed reality helps the user stay in the real world and gives the advantages of the virtual world.


In AR, the digital elements are added to layer the user’s real-world or enhance it with the virtual effect. 

Mixed reality creates an environment where the user can interact with the virtual objects. So instead of residing in a completely virtual world, mixed reality helps the user stay in the real world and gives the advantages of the virtual world.

Now to answer your question of how these reality techs are different from each other.

VR replaces the original building into virtually simulated graphics whereas Augmented Reality, takes the same instance of building architecture simulating the actual building, to be built in the real.

Finally, in Mixed Reality, the technology helps to hook the virtual objects and make them responsive to/in the real world and provide the appearance of virtual interactions to be authentic to the user.


Earlier, Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality users were required to download or gain access to an application or software to operate AR or VR.

With the up-gradation of the AR tech, the users can access the VR world or AR experience through webAR in a hassle free-way.

WebAR allows users to access the AR experience through a web browser directly. It implies that a person only needs a smartphone to gain an augmented reality experience without having to download an app directly onto your phone.


WebXR (XR stands for Extended Reality) is a set of API standards for web programmers for developing platforms so that the users can have the experience of virtual reality and augmented reality through web browsers directly without having them to download additional plug-ins or software.


The marker-based AR is generally used to display visual information about a particular product.

It can be animation from your child’s playbook or a detailed particular of a wine bottle. These objects are known as markers.

To convey the information, your camera or a sensor must be pointing directly on to it so that it can recognize the image and retrieve the relevant information.

For example, augmented reality can showcase a three-dimensional animated hand out of the poster through a mobile app.  The QR code on the poster acts as a marker in this case.


As the name suggests, there is no marker in this type of augmented reality.

It allows the user to overlay/place virtual object(s) in a destined place decided by the user.

For instance, if you want to try a new refrigerator or sofa set in your living room, the type of AR utilized is called markerless AR.

For example, the Queppelin’s furniture retail platform app lets you choose your favorite furniture from their catalog and place it in the desired location selected by you.


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