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Virtual Reality Development Services for experiential interaction

$1.5 T

AR & VR Market is projected to reach $1.5 Trillion by 2030.

$23 Billion

Global VR video gaming revenue in 2020 exceeded $23 Billion.

171 Million

There are over 171 Million Virtual Reality users worldwide

The era of VR experiences has arrived and is thriving. There are 57.4 million VR users in the US only (15% of the country’s population) while there are around 171 million users worldwide. The global VR market is expected to register phenomenal growth and reach $138.3 Billion by 2025.

The advancement in VR technology is fueling the expansion, and more people get access to these immersive experiences. With 75% of the big brands having VR, businesses making moves will certainly seize the opportunity.

Queppelin helps businesses through its end-to-end Virtual Reality development services. We strategize, design, and develop hyper-realistic VR experiences with top-class visuals and functionality. Get in touch for impactful custom VR solutions for your most ambitious business project.

  • Photorealistic 3D virtual environments
  • End-to-end custom VR solutions
  • Immersive experiences improving customers’ interaction with business
  • 2.5x lesser cost than in-house VR app development
  • Over 90% of users are delighted with their final VR experience

Biogas Plant - Digital Twin

We developed a digital twin of a BioGas Plant as a VR Training Solution for one of our clients. Trainees can explore the plant and the heavy machinery installed in the area.

The trainer delivers instructions for trainees to execute in real time. The highly detailed VR experience offered life-like training scenario, resulting in better learning outcomes.

Trainees feel more confident and connected to their job. Employers can also use it to run test simulations, identify shortcomings or gaps and evaluate plant performance.

The Outcome 

  • Better operations and maintenance for enhanced overall efficiency.
  • Well-trained, informed, and confident workforce.
  • Higher Employee Happiness Index 
  • Higher employee retention.
  • Employee Safety Standards improved with the lowest ever record in mishaps.
vr training demo of biogas plant

Queppelin, a partner with VR vision & passion

virtual reality gaming experience

Virtual Reality Development Experts

Queppelin is a renowned name in immersive and metaverse technologies. Our VR specialists have experience in developing VR solutions with comprehensive functionality and incorporating it into your project. 

The end product resonates with your business values as well as with your target audience.

  • Over a decade of experience
  • A large team of 250+ members
  • 600+ projects
  • Large and varied clientele including Fortune 500s

Better flexibility and communication

We believe in carefully nurturing partnerships for long-term relationships. For this, we make sure that our communication is clear and that operations are flexible. 

Our development team and managers maintain continuous communication to share our workflows with you and align them with your project requirements.

  • Dedicated SPOC for each client
  • Timely milestone achievement and communication
  • In-time course correction for a well-directed process
  • Ever-ready team of experts to scale anytime as per need
vr entertainment
navigating in virtual reality

A wide portfolio of clients

We have delivered several commercially successful VR projects for a wide clientele. This has enriched our experience and honed our skills and expertise in VR technology. This further positions us better to offer best-in-the-market VR development services that continue to pay dividends for a long time.

  • Large projects portfolio of different technologies
  • Clientele spans industries
  • Partners across MNCs and Start-up 
  • Proven expertise in immersive technologies

High-level Optimization

Virtual reality applications heavily depend on users’ hardware configuration. That is why our expert developers run high-end optimization processes for your VR projects. The resulting VR experience runs smoothly across all the devices as well as network bandwidth. This help in a wider audience reach and better marketing outcome.

  • High-class Optimization
  • Eye-catching visuals
  • Suitable for a wide variety of devices
  • Smooth running over even on low network bandwidth
vr for education

Choose Queppelin for a market-leading VR solution

High-end VR graphic

Queppelin’s expert VR development team creates eye-catching visuals that attract, acquire and retain more audience.

Customized VR Solutions

If you have an incredible idea to explore VR, we have an incredible customized VR solution just that makes it a reality.

High Project Quality

Our experts at Queppelin ensure high quality of your projects through codes of modern standards.

Impactful Tech-Stack

At Queppelin, we employ market-leading tools and technology to give you market-disruptive VR products.

Benefits of Virtual Reality Solutions for Businesses


Better collaboration among individuals operating remotely

Individuals can come together for face-to-face interaction in a shared virtual space. This results in better collaboration among teams even if they are miles apart in the real world. Moreover, they can also notch up the team-meeting frequency for faster decision-making and issue resolution. Thus, the overall productivity and quality of outcome improve with VR.


VR Training for higher safety and improved learning

The immersive digital environment of VR makes learning better, faster safer. Employees learn 4 times faster with VR, around 3.75 times more emotional connection towards their work and, 43% less workplace injury.

It makes complex concepts, heavy machine operations, and safety drills easier to learn by employees and organized by employers.


Better Customer Experience for long-term relationships

Businesses offer unforgettable user experience through VR that resonates with their core values. It boosts customer’s affinity through deeper emotional connection, founding a long-term relationship.

VR experiences like virtual tours, virtual product visualization, and virtual trainings offer realistic understanding to the customer improving their trust in the business.


End-to-end virtual recruitment process from interview to onboarding

Businesses can conduct a complete recruitment process through VR. Virtual face-to-face interaction during the interview allows recruiters to read non-verbal cues, not a possibility earlier.

Also, VR puts the candidates into a real-life working scenario to check their skills in a much better way. Not only this, but VR also expedites onboarding and orientation for distant candidates saving time and energy.


Experiential Marketing for higher engagement rates

VR is an impeccable experiential marketing tool capable of creating memorable and innovative customer experiences. It makes them live through the experience instead of passively watching or listening to a promotional campaign. 

This results in better and longer engagement sessions with personal and detailed interactions between customers and products. Users sense and explore the product as they would in the real world.


3D prototyping for faster teasing and exploring ideas

Developing a new product used to be time-consuming, expensive, and uncertain. However, VR makes it fast, easy, affordable, and more predictable. While 3D modeling creates the product, VR adds immersion and realism by putting it into the environment. This results in thorough testing, prevention of resource wastage, accurate product visualization, and better functionality analysis.

virtual reality glasses

Steps involved in developing a Virtual Reality Experience

Developing a VR Experience requires elaborate planning and execution. Determining the exact amount will not be a one size fits all game.

It depends on a lot of factors such as the production of content, the number of developers required, and the number and quality of headsets. Here we share all the processes required for the program development and have a bearing on the cost.

Our VR Development Process


Course Design

The first step is where we consult you to identify your business goal if required. In VR, this process has to be exhaustive with more options and possibilities to consider.



The research is carried out to prepare the list of all the important functionalities required to build the VR experience.



We prepare a comprehensive script charting out the customer journey during the VR experience.


Resource Allocation

We organize the team based on the complexity required to execute the VR Project. If necessary, we employ more personnel.


Creative / Video

Additional creative assets are created like Illustration and graphics, video editing, 3D models, etc.



The VR experience is designed and coded on the basis of 3D asset modeling, character modeling, and interactive session development.


Editing / Assembly

The additional assembly work is included in the VR to account for the exception paths.



The VR Experience is examined for any bugs and anomalies. If found, they are fixed, and the VR experience is optimized to prepare for deployment.



The highly optimized VR experience is deployed across platforms such as devices and operating systems to have the maximum possible reach.



We offer complete post-deployment support to tackle any situation that arises to make sure the VR users get the best possible experience.

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Tools & Technologies we use to build VR Experiences

We use only proven tools that help us develop smart VR apps and high-quality 3D models. Among the technologies we use for our VR projects are

unreal engine
Unreal Engine
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3ds max
3DS Max

The ever-growing list of Industries we serve

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Hire Expert Virtual Reality Developers

Hire expert VR Developers from Queppelin who can deliver your project. Below are the simple steps we follow when you decide to hire our dedicated VR developers who are adept at delivering dynamic, custom, and scalable solutions.


Send Us Your Detailed Project Requirements


Select Candidates For Screening Process


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Initiate Project On-Boarding & Assign Tasks

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Virtual reality development is the creation of a 3D virtual environment that immerses users in a digital world accessed using Virtual Reality headsets. They live, explore and interact with the environment. Our virtual reality development services help you develop VR content for your audience.

Developing VR experiences requires good programming skills, experience in building VR Solutions, as well as expertise in extended reality, user experience designing, 3D animation, 3D Modeling, and the latest technological platforms.

Virtual reality is the computer-generated simulation of a world that is similar to or different from the real world. It creates an artificial environment with the help of software, and this environment can be interacted with using sight and sound.

The industries making use of this technology are growing in the market. Some of such industries are: 

  • Automotive Industry: In this rapidly developing sector, in terms of creativity and unique ideas, VR is used to design and build new models without having to use real machinery. 
  • Healthcare: VR has a significant impact in this field. Instead of using and experimenting on real bodies, models can be used with the help of VR, for research and treatments by healthcare professionals. 
  • Tourism Industry: What can be better than sitting at home and experiencing a tour, even before you make a final decision to go for the trip! This is made possible by the use of virtual reality. 
  • Architecture: Architecture industry has become closer to consumers by using VR, as they can allow house owners to experiment with their house dĂ©cor by themselves. With the use of VR applications, you can not only visualize the well set up, well-furnished corners of empty rooms but can also feel it. 
  • Entertainment and recreation: VR is also laying its roots in the entertainment and recreation industries. Along with gaming, many other activities such as art, craft, thrilling sports, poetry, etc. provide a stage using VR.

Virtual reality has numerous benefits of its own, and one of them is to train the workforce for achieving the organizational goals effectively and efficiently. 

There are various benefits for VR training of employees:

  • Greater retention – According to the analysts VR helps retain concepts better than traditional ways of training and learning. Virtual reality can help us set up scenarios that are impossible to set up in real life.
  • Innovative training programs – Virtual reality makes an impact on the employees that every job has its importance and makes them feel motivated, engaged, and enthusiastic about learning a different aspect of their duties.
  • Improve engagement – The use of virtual reality for employees’ training increases the engagement of the employees towards work. VR Tech also boosts the company’s growth as well because the real growth of the company is measured by the satisfaction and security of its employees.
  • Insight for new hires – The employees are put in real-life set-ups based on their job duties, which helps them understand the expectations of their career and provide a detailed insight into the duties they are assigned.

C# and C++ are the most used languages for VR development as they are used in Unity and Unreal respectively. Queppelin maintains an expert team with the knowledge of all the required programming languages to deliver the best Virtual reality development services.

Partner with Queppelin for a highly profitable VR venture

We are a team of 250+ experienced VR developers experienced in delivering highly functional VR products. With hundreds of VR projects, we have mastered the VR development craft and are ready to serve you as per your needs.

You can contact us for your project of any scale at any time. Working hand-in-hand, we will take up your project with responsibility and dedication.